Graphics Designing Tool for Instagram with Unsplash, Google Fonts, Giphy: Projector

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In this article, you will read about a graphics designing tool for Instagram with Unsplash, Google Fonts, Giphy called Projector 2.0.

If you have ever prepared a creative Powerpoint presentation at midnight under pressure, you must then know the blockage you feel when you want to be creative in designing aspects of it. The presentation is a presentation when it appeals to the eye as well, by not just the content part of it, but also with the designing part of it, and that is where most of us struggle.

Since designing and content are completely two different areas of prospect, one can master only a single craft, unless you are a superhero. However, if you have the most amazing and brilliant idea of the world, it may not get noticed if it does not appeal to the people. For this, you can use this amazing web application called Projector 2.0, which can save you a lot of trouble when it comes to designing.

Graphics Designing Tool for Instagram with Unsplash, Google Fonts, Giphy: Projector

In simple words, Projector 2.0, is a graphic designing web application. However, there are a lot of other aspects to this web application which the traditional graphic designing web application may not provide. For starters, its a fun, neat, and multiplayer graphic design platform. Let us further explore the features of this web application.

This web application lets you create different types of multimedia visuals, such as graphics or visuals for social media platforms (including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn), stories on the social media channels, posters, GIFs, videos, presentations, flyers, and much more.

To start, visit the website or simply click here to get started.

You first need to sign up to the website using your email ID. Alternatively, you can use your Gmail ID to sign up straight away. Then, get started with creating your new multimedia visual.  You can start with either a template or creating the visual from a blank slate.

Choose your template

The tools used in this web application are familiar to use. Moreover, you do not need to go to any other platform to search for related images, videos, or GIFs, as this website has content integrations from various websites such as Unsplash, Google Fonts, Giphy, Shutterstock, and Noun Project. Using these, you can explore the creative catalogs for the visual instantaneously.

Collaborate and Create

This web application also provides the facility of working collaboratively. You can easily share the work in progress with your team and from there, you can easily collaborate and create in real-time.


After the project is complete, you can share and download the project in various formats, such as video, PDF, GIF, or Image.

In brief

Projector 2.0. can be called a dream online tool for various creators who are low on creativity and high on project demand, with the team working remotely these days. The features of this web application cannot be really expressed unless one has tried this application on their own.

Try this web application here.

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