5 Free Websites To Learn Yoga Online

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Here is a list 5 free websites that you can use to learn yoga online. You can stay at home and perform these yoga lessons to stay fit. Yoga is probably the one of the most popular method opted globally to stay fit. On a lighter note, it is also the flavor of the season. A lot many people, who cannot do other rigorous exercises or do not go to gym, prefer to do yoga. Yoga has lessons and postures that make you both physically and mentally fit. Another benefit with Yoga is that you do not require much space to perform the postures and exercises. You can easily do yoga anywhere inside your house. Therefore, I have come up with these websites to learn yoga online and help you out in performing yoga at home. You can watch videos on these websites and keep practicing side by side.

Learn Yoga Online

The free websites to learn yoga online that I have reviewed in this article are YogaYak, Yoga Journal, DoYogaWithMe, My Free Yoga, and iyogalife.



To begin this list of free websites to learn yoga online, YogaYak is my first choice. It is a very simple and straightforward website to use. On the home page, you will see videos being divided into categories like Yoga classes, Pranayama, Meditation, and Relaxation. The yoga classes category contains over 200 videos explaining different postures and exercises. There are different videos for beginners that teach you basics of doing yoga, and then you can move ahead. The Pranayama and Meditation categories contain separate videos for different types of Pranayama & Meditation, respectively. These sections also contain videos by experts that you can watch to learn important things. Lastly, in the relaxation category you will find lots of video songs that are meant to be heard in background while doing yoga. These songs have been provided for relaxation purpose and new songs are uploaded from time to time.

Try YokaYak here.

Yoga Journal:

Yoga Journal

Yoga Journal is the next free website to learn yoga online. The website contains lots of yoga videos that are divided into categories like Asana, Meditation, extras. All these categories have sub-categories and you are segregated according to difficulty level. You can begin with beginner level videos and move ahead. The website not only contains videos, but there are expert articles as well. The articles cover topics like how to perform different yoga postures, how to meditate, what diet you should follow, Ayurvedic methods to heal or cure body problems, and many more.  The website also has a heath magazine that you can view for free. You can see video and audio presentations of all the article inside the magazine.

Try Yoga Journal here.



DoYogaWithMe is the third website to learn yoga online. This website provides you unlimited number of videos to learn different poses and postures of yoga. The videos are available in high-definition (HD) and you can also own them if you want ( by paying a certain amount). You can browse the exact video, on the website, by choosing your level, teacher, length of video, and style. There is also one separate Beginner’s studio tab. In this tab, there are hundreds of videos explaining basics of yoga exclusively meant for users who have just started. Some other tabs are Yoga Poses, Yoga Anatomy, Yoga Breathing, Mediation etc. that are pretty much self-explanatory.  To conclude it is a good website, especially for beginners, with some great quality videos.

Try DoYogaWithMe here.

My Free Yoga:

My Free Yoga

Another free website to learn yoga online is My Free Yoga. This is like an online community where you have create a free account to access all the yoga videos. Different yoga teachers upload their videos that can be viewed by you. The videos are divided into different categories like advanced yoga, power yoga, beginner’s yoga, Hatha yoga, and many more. You can browse through these categories and select the video you want to watch and learn. The website allows you to visit the profile of yoga teachers and get in touch with them over various issues. One very interesting option in this website is that you can upload your own yoga videos. While uploading you can add a description to it, select a category and put it on the website for other viewers. The only apprehension I have about this website is, since anyone can upload a video, there are chances that you may end up watching videos by amateurs.

Try My Free Yoga here.



iyogalife in the fifth and final website in this list to learn yoga online. The website contains multiple yoga videos for different parts of your body. It also provides you with a list of what problems does yoga cure and how it cures them. Articles by experts are available on different aspects of yoga and you can watch videos alongside these articles. There are also different tabs like stress management, weight loss. You will find relevant workout videos in these tabs. One feature of this website is that you can find yoga classes near your place by entering the Zip code. Overall, iyogalife is a  decent website that provides you with enough videos to start of with. Option to search videos by level, teacher, length of video, or style can be added.

Try iyogalife here.

Check out these free websites and start the process to learn yoga online for free. Let us know what you think about these websites in the comments section below.

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