5 Best Free Anxiety Reliever Apps for iPhone

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Here is a list of 5 Best Free Anxiety Reliever Apps for iPhone.

These apps help you relax and relieve your stress or anxiety by coloring designs, listening to melodies, mixing multiple sounds to listen at once, and more. All these apps come with intuitive and easy to use interfaces. Some of these apps also help you sleep or take a power nap without any disturbance.



ICanBeFree is a simple anxiety reliever app that offers various sound sessions and moods, which helps you relief stress, get a proper nap, relax, boost confidence, fight phobias, and so on. This app also provides great audio quality that makes the sessions/moods much effective for you to listen. The best part of this app is that to relieve anxiety, you can choose various moods or sound sessions. That means whatever you want to listen, simply pick a mood (from Pure Silence, Entertainment, Alpha Music, Hypnotic Music, Slowing Down, Theta Music, Solfeggio, Delta, Gamma, and Insulate) or a session (from Stress Relieve, Step Up, Health Category, Core Feelings, Pain Management, Remove Phobias, Presentation, Work, Relationship, Animals, and Driving).

You can personalize the length, volume, and repetition of all the moods or sessions you listen to. In addition to all these features, it also lets you see your session statistics, set a wake-up timer, and set pre-roll time (for short promotional videos).

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Recolor is quite an interesting adult coloring book app for iPhone to relieve anxiety, stress, or boredom. This app is no different from coloring games, but with tons of interesting illustrations and designs. Honestly, I think it is a fun app and also pretty addictive. For relaxation, you can simply choose a design and start coloring it with dozens of different colors. It lets you select colors from various categories like Star Seeker, Salamander, Cynicide, Into Dreams, and more. You can also choose different themes for the color such as Water Color, Pencil, Crayon, Sketch, etc.

The best part of this app is the beautiful illustration packs such as Mandalas, Mortes, Lowpolys, Buoquets, Ornates, and more. Simply select your favorite illustration or design from these packs, and start coloring it to relieve your stress or anxiety. After you’re done with coloring a design, save it to the camera roll or share it with the world using Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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Nature Sound:

nature sound

Whether, you’re feeling stressed, not sleepy, anxious, or bored, “Nature Sound” is here to help you relax and reduce anxiety. It offers dozens of peaceful sounds such as Crickets Chirping, Night Ambience, Forest (England), Eastern Australia, Grasshoppers, Jungle (Thailand), Mountain Ambience, Musical Waterfall, and more which you can listen to. If you want more relaxing sounds, then it also allows you to download new sounds from the built-in store. While downloading, you can select categories like Meditation Music, Rivers and Streams, Ocean and Waves, Singing Birds, etc. to find your favorite sounds.

Unlike other anxiety reliever apps, this one comes with a unique tool i.e; Sound Mixer. It offers 30+ soundboards (Owl, Birds, Whale, and so on) and with a unique sound in each board. This tool is quite fun actually, as it lets you mix and play multiple sounds at once. All you need to do is switch to “Mixer” tab and choose your favorite sounds to mix and listen. In addition, you can also control soundtrack volume, “Favorite” sounds, save sounds, set a timer for listening to sounds, etc.

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Pzizz is another amazing app for iPhone to help you relax, boost energy, reduce anxiety, de-stress, sleep, and take a decent nap. It provides two different modes “Power Nap” and “Sleep” with customizable time limit from 10 minutes-12 hours. The power nap mode helps you take a quick and proper nap, whereas the sleep mode helps you overcome Insomnia, Parasomnias, etc. Each mode consists of Auroral Beats, Inspiring Word Sounds, Peaceful Music, various Humming and Sound Effects, and more. You can listen to these sounds in order to relieve stress and anxiety.

The unique feature of this app is that it doesn’t repeat a sound twice, which means you will listen to a new sound each time you play any mode. It also lets you customize volume of the track and voice effects (either as Aurora Beats or General Stereo). Other than that, you can set reminders for both the modes, choose playback length, change mode backgrounds, and more. So, if you’re feeling stressed out, use this simple but amazing app to relax and boost yourself.

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Relax Melodies:

relax melodies

The last but not least is the “Relax Melodies“. Actually, the main objective of this app is to help you sleep. So, if you are tired or anxious, you can simply use this app to get a decent nap or sleep for relaxation. It offers 50+ great quality melodies, such as Flute, Birds, Lounge, Piano, Thunder, Melody, White Noise, Urban Rain, Heavy Rain, Butterfly, and much more. Listening to these melodies is pretty fun and relaxing, trust me on that. You can also listen (using a headphone) to some beats with Isochronic or Binaural frequencies. Another useful feature of this app is that it guides you through the meditations for sleep therapy.

As we have discussed the sound mixer tool of “Nature Sound”, “Relax Melodies” also lets you mix multiple sounds (up to 12 different melodies) at once to listen. Whatever melodies you think can help you relax, simply mix them to create a unique track and go for a power nap. You can also set app exit timer, set an alarm, control volume of melodies, “Favorite” sounds, replay mixed melodies, etc. Other than that, it also lets you discover melodies mixed by other “Relax Melodies” users and also share your own mixes with them.

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My Final Verdict:

Normally, when we are stressed or anxious we used to play games, take a walk, listen to music, etc. But these apps are much more effective in such situations, as they offer peaceful sounds and melodies to help us relax and relieve anxiety. My favorite one is “Recolor” because I have to focus more on coloring, which makes everything else (tension, boredom, etc) disappear from my mind.

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