Free Website to Listen to Soothing Nature Sounds to Relax

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[Total: 0 Average: 0] is a free website to listen to soothing nature sounds to relax. You can listen to all these soothing nature sounds before going to bed, to relax, while meditating, or when you feel like doing nothing and many more occasions. The website includes a list of 16 soothing nature sounds for you to choose and listen to. Each of the sound is at least 60 minutes long which means you don’t have to worry about changing the sound again and again.

Each of the sound is accompanied by a corresponding video which includes equally relaxing scenes for you to watch. All the video and sounds are streamed from YouTube so you are required to be online all the time to keep listening to sounds.

Changing Nature Sound

Using this Website to Listen to Soothing Nature Sounds to Relax:

The website is a simple website with no annoying ads, plug-ins, pop-ups, third party links, no downloads, and not even any registration system. You simply need to open the website in your browser and you can start listening to soothing nature sounds instantly. On the homepage, you will see the interface as shown below. Homepage

The screenshot above shows the default nature sound known as Tropical Beach. It is the sound which you will hear whenever you will open the website. The name of all other available sounds are on the left side while the time seek bar can be accessed from the bottom.

Nature Sound with Video and Time Seek Bar

The available nature sounds are: Tropical Beach, Relaxing Fireplace, Small Waterfalls, Large Waterfalls, Mountain Stream, Relaxing River, Rocky Shore with Waves, Ocean Waves, Bird Relaxation, Woodland Ambience, Mountains of Majesty, Snowy Mountains, The Sound of Rain, Wonderful Chillout, Ocean Breeze, and Relaxed Cat.

To listen to any of the soothing nature sound, you simply need to click on that particular nature sound option. It will start playing instantly along with the corresponding video. You can also go full screen while watching the video by using the option at time seek bar.

Changing Nature Sound

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Final Verdict: is a good website to listen to soothing nature sounds to relax. I really enjoyed using the website as there were no annoying things. The best thing I liked about this website is that it has sounds of long length which means I can play anyone and keep relaxing for long without worrying about changing it again and again.

Try here.

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