5 Human Anatomy Extensions For Google Chrome

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Here’s a list of 5 anatomy extensions for Google Chrome which can be of help if you need to learn about human anatomy. Not everyone needs to learn all the bits and pieces of human anatomy, but if you’re a high school or college student, then the following list of extensions just might be the thing you need.

Let’s look at these Chrome extensions in detail. All these Chrome extensions can be installed from the webstore easily.

Anatronica – 3D Interactive Anatomy

chrome human anatomy extensions

Anatronica is a full-fledged standalone anatomy extension for Chrome which utilizes the Unity Engine, something that a lot of popular games also use but here instead of playing games, you learn.

Game engine is being used because the extension has a very realistic 3D representation of the human body. It starts of with the very foundation of us, the skeleton, and it works up from there. Using your mouse you can rotate the view. Click on something and you get a description and various different info about the anatomy for that particular body part. Use controls on the side to turn on organs, circulatory system, muscles, tissue etc. on the model.

Get Anatronica – 3D Interactive Anatomy.

Anatomy Skills – Bones

chrome human anatomy extensions-1

Anatomy Skills is both a learning extension for human anatomy enthusiasts and it’s also a great way how to test the knowledge you’ve already picked up.

There’s 4 modes of play that’re available. Two of them are for learning and two for testing. Tests consist of 50 alternating questions where you’re asked to identify different parts of human anatomy. We suggest that you first go through the flash cards and learn if you’re not already familiar with human anatomy, because you won’t go far in the tests, trust us.

Get Anatomy Skills – Bones.


chrome human anatomy extensions-2

BIODIGITAL HUMAN is in a lot of ways similar to already mentioned Anatronica.

You get an actual 3D representation of a human body which can be zoomed in on, rotated, and of course different layers of the anatomy turned on/off (organs, circulatory system, muscles, etc.).



chrome human anatomy extensions-3

Anatomicus is an excellent online source for info on pretty much everything you’ll ever need to know about human anatomy.

Once you run this extension, you’ll be offered with 9 groups of different parts of the anatomy, see image above. Select the one you wanna learn about and start reading, it’s as easy as that.

Get Anatomicus.

Instant Anatomy

chrome human anatomy extensions-4

Instant Anatomy is another great online source of articles, infographics and even audio podcasts on human anatomy.

Going over everything that’s available there will take some time, but if you’re a student of the human anatomy then you’re gonna have to make the sacrifice. It’s a great place to learn for the anatomy tests that we mentioned before.

Get Instant Anatomy.


All the extensions mentioned here are great for learning anatomy. The ones that we’re gonna single out are Anatronica, BIODIGITAL HUMAN and Anatomicus (for testing). Anatronica is even an offline app, for which you won’t need an active internet connection to use it. Others can also be a great source of info about the anatomy. Leave criticism and suggestions down below in the comment section.

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