10 Free Halloween Live Wallpaper Apps For Android

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Here, are 10 free Halloween live wallpaper apps for Android. Live wallpaper on Android are very commonly used by Android users. Live wallpapers makes you Android screen look alive. Google Play Store has numerous live wallpapers apps available.

On this Halloween season, we have the option to change our Android look n feel to Halloween. Google Play Store has multiple Halloween live wallpaper apps available. Install any one of them and change your Android screen atmosphere to Halloween.

We will discuss about best Android Halloween live wallpaper apps which include Halloween Live Wallpaper Free, Halloween Free Live Wallpaper, Halloween Live Wallpaper Lite, and much more.

Halloween Live Wallpaper Free:

Halloween Live Wallpaper

Halloween Live Wallpaper is a free Android live wallpaper app for Android. This Android live wallpaper app shows Halloween background. The wallpaper looks high-definition when set on Android background. The Halloween live wallpaper shows pumpkins moving around in the night with lots of light. Also, the wallpaper displays countdown in the center. Before setting the wallpaper on your Android’s background, you can easily customize the settings options of the app. The live wallpaper app allows continuous scrolling, automatic positioning of the live wallpaper to center, and select the theme color. The free version of the live wallpaper app gives you limited features. You have choice between only two theme colors which includes default and violet.

Halloween Live Wallpaper FREE By wizeapps UG:

Halloween Live Wallpaper FREE

Halloween Live Wallpaper is a free wallpaper app that gives Halloween look to your Android’s background. The wallpaper displays dark background with dry trees and red-colored sky. Also, the clouds in the sky are moving which gives real feeling of a live wallpaper on your Android. On top of it, the wallpaper app shows a lit torch flickering at the grave and flying around with pumpkins. In the settings menu of the wallpaper, enable stimulate scrolling and enable/disable witch, pumpkin, and torch.

Halloween Free Live Wallpaper:

Halloween free Live Wallpaper

Halloween free live wallpaper app is another free Live Halloween wallpaper app for Android. This Android Halloween live wallpaper app provides a dark night background with scary looking flying bats and pumpkins. The free version of the app has the feature to just set the live wallpaper as it is. But, the paid version  of the app lets you customize the settings of the live wallpaper and then set the customized wallpaper on your Android’s background. This live wallpaper is a nice wallpaper which looks scary on Android background.

Halloween Free Live Wallpaper By Alki Labs:

Halloween free Live Wallpaper app

Halloween Free Live Wallpaper is a wallpaper app that provides fun physics live wallpaper on Android. This Android Halloween live wallpaper shows multiple Halloween pumpkins spread all over the screen. The app uses your Android’s accelerometer to create effects on the pumpkins. Just touch on your Android screen or shake your Android to give the effects to pumpkins. Along with the Halloween theme, the live wallpaper app also provides Christmas and Valentine theme. Head to the settings menu and change the theme to enjoy your Christmas and Valentine season.

Halloween Live Wallpaper:

Halloween Live Wallpaper App

Halloween Live Wallpaper app provides funny Halloween live wallpaper on Android. This Android live wallpaper is funny wallpaper app that provides animated wallpaper on Android. The good part of this wallpaper app is that, all the setting options are customizable. You can select background image from the three image which include Back cat, Jack O’Lantern, and Candlestick. You can even select the number of pumpkins and candies and the flying speed of pumpkins and candies. I really liked the wallpaper app with its custom setting options.

Halloween Live Wallpaper By Lion18T:

Halloween Live Wallpaper Android

Halloween Live Wallpaper provides a scary Halloween wallpaper on Android. The live wallpaper looks really scary with a black night background. The wallpaper displays red-colored Halloween moon with a Pumpkin and a black house. Also, you will see many flying pumpkins all over your Android screen. You can easily customize the quantity of flying pumpkins and the speed of pumpkins. This makes your wallpaper look more interesting as per your desire. On top of this, the wallpaper display a message of “Happy Halloween” at the background. All these turn your Android into a Halloween Android phone.

Halloween Live Wallpaper Free By CCW:

Halloween Live Wallpaper Free app

Halloween Live Wallpaper provides you the animated Halloween live wallpaper on Android screen. The unique part of this Android live wallpaper app is that, it works with time of sunrise and sunset in the day. The wallpaper background changes according to sunrise and sunset. The app automatically tracks your current location and works accordingly. The animated wallpaper displays a scary house, a dry tree, and flying leaves. All these look scary and quite perfect for Halloween season.

Halloween Live Wallpaper By cubus:

Halloween Live Wallpaper App Android

Halloween Live wallpaper provides Halloween background with a large image of pumpkin. The whole background of the wallpaper is red with smiling pumpkin face. It really looks Halloween like on Android screen. This Halloween live wallpaper is one of the simplest wallpaper app from the apps which we have discussed above. The wallpaper app does not provides any extra settings options to customize the wallpaper. You just have to set the wallpaper on your Android background.

Halloween Live Wallpaper Lite:

Halloween Live Wallpaper Lite

Halloween Live Wallpaper lite creates a scary Halloween atmosphere on Android screen. The app provides nature background with Halloween look. It provides two colors in the background which include dark orange and dark blue. After applying both the colors, you will feel complete Halloween atmosphere on your Android phone. On top of this, you will see the flying witches. You can easily control the population and its speed from the settings menu of the live wallpaper app. The wallpaper looks good with a clear sky and a scary tree.

Halloween Live Wallpaper FREE By Zombie Mint Games Co:

Halloween Live Wallpaper FREE Android

This is another Halloween live wallpaper which provides a Halloween Pumpkin staring towards you. In this live wallpaper app, Jack-O-Lantern stares at you. It really looks scary by looking at Jack-O-Lantern on your Android screen. The full black background, Jack-O-Lantern staring at you, the blinking eyes, and candlelight flickering; all these look scary. The good part of this Android live wallpaper app is that the free version is ads free. Also, you don’t need any settings to customize the wallpaper. Just launch it and set as your desktop background.

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If you find any other Android Halloween Live wallpaper app, then do lets us know in comments below.

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