5 Free Websites To Learn To Make Bakery Items

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to learn to make bakery items. This article will help you in learning to bake various bakery items with the help of online lessons and recipes.

Internet is replete with people who are running their own blogs and websites to teach baked items to people like us. Even some of the popular bakeries are running their own websites to acquaint people with their delicious cookies, cupcakes and more. It is only their passion and love for baking that drives them. You get to learn everything for free. So, if you are also passionate about learning these baked items, try out the 5 websites that I have reviewed below.

The 5 website reviewed in this article are Become a Better Baker, Bakerella, Brown Eyed Baker, Joy The Baker, and Lovin From The Oven.

Become a Better Baker:

learn to make bakery items

The name of the platform itself suggests how  it intends to help you. This intention to help its visitors become better bakers is fulfilled by providing all the relevant material. You will find a lot of recipes to learn to make bakery items on this website. There are some separate recipes for beginners, who can learn to bake to some really simple items.

Apart from recipes, you will find a lot of other things as well on this website. There are various tabs that contain various things. One such tab has lots of videos on technique. They show you how to cook a dough, kneading basics, and more. There is another tab that has very useful tips and activities. The files in the resources tab can be downloaded by you. These files include helpful material to learn various aspects of baking.

All in all, this website has sufficient recipes, technique, and tips to help you become a better baker. Try it out from the link above.


learn to make bakery items

Bakerella can be your next free stop to learn to make bakery items. It is full with lots of yummy and delicious recipes. Basically, this is a blog run by the author Angie, and she has a lot to offer to her visitors. She has recipes for everything from cheesecakes to brownies and from pies to cakes. You can also check out her  recipe of cupcake pops, that seem to be her masterpiece.

Other than providing all the mouth-watering recipes, the author has also uploaded images of items baked by her. Take a look at these images and get inspired.

Brown Eyed Baker:

Brown Eyed Baker
learn to make bakery items

Brown Eyed Baker is the third website that you can visit in order to learn to make bakery items for free. If you are one of those people who have a sweet tooth (like me), then this is the right platform for you. Some of the most delicious recipes on this website include recipe for layered red velvet cheesecake, cherry coke float cupcakes, and a couple more. You will also find recipes for meals like macaroni and cheese.

Pastries, cupcakes, and other sweet items occupy a major share in the field of baked items, and this world of baked sweet dishes is exactly what is explored by this website. The author of the website is a self-taught one, so you may find the recipes to be a little challenging.

Joy The Baker:

learn to make bakery items

Joy The Baker is the penultimate website reviewed here to learn to make bakery items. This website has been running for more than 5 years now; it is full with different recipes to learn. The recipes available on the website are huge in number and cater to the needs of everyone. You will find vegetarian and non vegetarian recipes for all occasions. Some of my favorite recipes that I found on this website are cream filled vanilla donuts, cinnamon rolls, and gluten-free chocolate. This list of recipes keeps growing from time to time, so keep coming back for more.

Lovin From The Oven:

learn to make bakery items

Lovin From The Oven is final platform to learn to make bakery items that I have reviewed in this article. If you are looking for a platform to provide you not just baked items, but also other meals, then this is the right place for you. You will find recipes for over 100 different items. These recipes are uploaded from time to time and there is a calendar available that helps you go through all the recipes uploaded on a particular day, at once.

The recipes on this website are accompanied by some mouth-watering images. These images are available at every step in the recipe. The author sharing the recipes also manages to add a personal touch to it. She shares with you all her personal experiences, while trying out that particular item. This makes you feel good in a certain way.

Try out all these above mentioned websites and learn to bake some amazing pastries, cupcakes, cakes, and much more. Do let us know what do you think about these websites.

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