5 Exercises To Do While Working On PC

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Here is a list 5 exercises to do while working on PC.

Working on a PC all day in your PC has both its positives and negatives. It is obviously considered to be a respected job, and you sit in your AC cabins without requiring to do any physical work. But, there are dire consequences associated as well that cannot be ignored. Your body, especially eyes go through a lot of pain which can have negative impacts in the long-term. Thus, it becomes important to find out ways that can help you in eliminating these consequences.

Of course it can be argued that with the immense improvement in PC screens, the threat to our eyes has subdued considerably. But, it still cannot be said that we are 100% safe. And in any case, our other body parts also get tired while sitting continuously for long hours. So, the need of some relaxing exercises is indispensable. Below, I have mentioned 5 such exercises that can be done easily while working on your PC & without compromising on your efficiency.

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Heat Your Eyes:

As eyes are the most vulnerable part of our body while working on PC, it is important to make sure that we rest them constantly. One such way to rest them is by providing them some heat. It is a very simple exercise and does not take much time. Just bring your two hands together and start rubbing them. As you rub them for a few seconds, some heat will be generated. Now untie both your hands, form a cup shape and bring them close to your closed eyes. Keep them there for  a while and you will feel some instant relief.

Roll Your Neck:

Rolling your neck is another exercise that can be done easily while working on PC. Since our neck is stuck in one position for long hours, it starts developing pain. You find it hard to move your neck freely. Thus, it is important to make sure that you move it at regular  intervals. All you have to do is roll neck in left right, up & down directions. 10 times in each direction will be enough to keep the pain away.

Stretch Your Arms:

Pick up a bottle filled with water, keep it in your one hand, and raise that hand in the upward direction for around 30 seconds. Make sure your hand is straight as an arrow and repeat the exercise with another hand. You can also choose to push your seat backwards and stretch your arms in front of you .Doing both these exercises will ensure that your hands are perfectly stretched and all the  fatigue of keeping your arms in one position is gone.

Relax Your Fingers:

Your fingers are one part of your body that are constantly working for as long as you work on your PC. As a result, they get really tired and sore. To shrug of this tiredness, fetch a thick rubber band, coil it around your forefingers & stretch it as far as you can. This will help you in relaxing your fingers. Repeat this exercise with other fingers and you will feel some instant relief. The stretch will be a pleasant one for fingers.

Bend Your Back:

Sitting on chair in one position for a long time is sure to have an effect on your back. It gets stiff due to staying in one position and you find it hard to move swiftly. To enable yourself to move without aching your back, it is important to make sure that your back is stretched at regular intervals. Push yourself a little forward in the chair, keep your hand against your back & bend backwards. Stay in that for at least 10 seconds and repeat the exercise 5 times. You can also get up from your chair every once in a while and bend forward with your hands trying to touch your feet.

In this article, I have tried to incorporate at least one exercise for all the essential body parts that are effected by sitting for long hours in front of your PC. Of course there are more exercises and other parts of your body that need to be taken care of. Hopefully you will be able to benefit from these above mentioned exercises and find room for performing some other exercises as well. In this digital age, when working on PC just cannot be ignored, exercises become really important to stay fit. So, try them out and stay healthy.

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