10 Free Android Battery Saver Apps to Extend Battery Life of Android

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Here, are 10 free Android Battery Saver Apps. Saving battery life of Android is mandatory task to perform as almost all Android phones have less battery backup due to multiple unknown programs running in the background. Google Play Store has many battery saver apps for Android.

We will be discussing about Easy Batter Saver app, PowerMax app, Battery Booster app, JuiceDefender app, One Touch Battery Saver app, Battery Defender app, and a few more. Install any one of them and enjoy your Android phone for a longer time.

Easy Battery Saver:

Easy Battery Saver

Easy Battery Saver is a free Android battery saver app to optimize and boost battery of Android phone. This Android Battery Saver app is one of the popular app in Google Play Store. The app works great by providing multiple fields to save battery life of Android. On launching the app, you can easily check the battery info which tells the current battery level in percentage, backgrounds programs like WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, Mobile data, and Brightness running and draining up the battery life. You can easily close unnecessary programs running in the background to save the battery life. Also, battery info tells you the remaining battery capacity like talk time, web surfing, audio playback and video playback.

Optimization: Optimization tab of the app includes different battery saving modes. Different modes include normal mode, general power saving mode, intelligent power saving mode, super power saving mode, and advanced customized mode. Advanced customized mode of the app is the best part of the app which I liked the most. In this mode, you can easily customize and set the controls by your choice on the programs like Lock & Unlock, Low Battery, Traffic, WiFi, Mobile data, Bluetooth, Auto Sync, Brightness, Timeout, Battery Saving Brightness, Sleep Schedule and Night Schedule.

Consumption: Consumption tab of the app tells you the key areas where the battery consumption is high. This includes battery consumption level when phone is kept idle, when cell on standby, display, and consumption level by Android system. With this you will come to know the cause of the drainage of your Android battery. You can then control them accordingly in order to save the battery life of your Android phone.

Check out review on Easy Batter Saver app for Android by us.

JuiceDefender – battery saver:


JuiceDefender – battery saver is a free Android battery saver app to save battery life of Android. JuiceDefender is another most popular app in Google Play Store to optimize battery life of Android. The app offers different profiles to switch between, so as to control the running programs accordingly.

Balanced Profile:  Balanced profile is the default profile of JuiceDefender app. This profile ensures a very noticeable improvement in battery life of Android. The profile gives as little impact as possible on the normal operations of your phone. By enabling this profile, you will see almost all the programs running as they were running earlier.

Aggressive: Aggressive profile of JuiceDefender app ensures that your battery life will extend as much as possible. The app extends the capacity of your dying battery by disabling all the connectivity of your Android phone. To enable the connectivity, you can configure(Whitelist) those apps which you want that should be connected to internet even if your Android is running out of the battery. You can easily select the battery threshold and the app will work accordingly.

Customize: Customize profile of JuiceDefender battery saver app allows you to customize controls of some programs by your choice. You can easily enable/disable mobile data and enable/disable schedule. All other settings in customize profile of the app work when you buy full version of JuiceDefender app.

Advanced: Advanced profile of JuiceDefender app works same as customize profile. You can customize multiple programs that run on your Android. Advanced profile includes customization of controls, schedules, and triggers. Not all the features of this profile are free. For enabling all the features of Advanced profile, you need to buy full version of the app.

Battery Dr Saver+a task killer:

Battery Dr Saver

Battery Dr Saver+a task killer is a free Android batter saver and task killer app for Android. This Android battery saver app is a 2-in-1 app with both battery saver and task killer. The working of the app is simple on Android. When you launch the app, you will some tasks running in your Android background. Kill all the unnecessary task to stop them and save the drainage of the battery life by those unnecessary apps. Also, you will see some programs like WiFi, Bluetooth, Mobile data, Auto-Sync data, and more running on your Android. Disable all of them, if you don’t require. You can also adjust screen brightness, ringer, volume control, auto rotation, and more. This will help you save the battery life of your Android phone.

One Touch Battery Saver:

One Touch Battery Saver

One Touch Battery Saver is a free battery saver app for Android. This battery saver app is a simple app that works with simple options on Android phone. You just have to launch the app and then tap on the settings button to open the settings of the app. Adjust the lowest battery level where you want to disable some selected programs running on your Android phone. After this, check some selected apps and programs which are currently running and you want them to stop running after a certain battery level. The app will automatically disable all the selected programs and apps when the battery level reaches the level set in the app settings. This is how, One Touch Batter Saver saves the battery life of your Android phone.

Battery Defender – Battery Saver:

Battery Defender

Battery Defender  – Battery Saver is a free Android battery saver app to optimize and save battery life of your Android phone. Battery Defender app works automatically with its default settings as soon as your launch the app. The app turns it battery saving mode after a certain battery level. The percentage of battery level to activate battery saving mode can be customized from settings menu of the app. The app also closes all the network connections when you go to sleep. Sleep time can be set according to your preference. The app automatically closes all the network connections between the sleep time set in the app.This helps you saving your battery life of your Android phone.

Battery Saver:

Battery Saver

Battery Saver is a free Android app that enables simple battery saver on Android. You just have to launch the app on your Android phone, enable the Battery Saver app and your are done with. The app will automatically save the battery life of your Android phone by disabling the network connection when you go to sleep. You can set the sleep time in the app and it will work accordingly. Also, you can set different sleep time for weekends. The app even saves your battery life by controlling screen brightness and by controlling CPU frequency. Remember that controlling CPU frequency needs root access on your Android phone. Your Android phone should be rooted.

If you want to root or unroot your Android phone, then download Unlock Root setup on your computer and then root or unroot your Android phone.

Y5 – Battery Saver:

Y5 Battery Saver

Y5 – Battery Saver is a free light weight Android app which saves your Android battery life by managing WiFi networks. The app totally deals with WiFi running on your Android phone. If your WiFi is enabled and your are not in the range of any WiFi network, then the app automatically disable the WiFi on your Android phone. This helps to save the battery life of Android.

Of course, this app is good for the Android users who usually skip to disable the WiFi after its use. The app disables the WiFi automatically and saves your Android battery life.

Remember: Y5 – Battery Saver app disables the WiFi after few minutes when running out of WiFi networks. So don’t uninstall the app while testing it, thinking that it is not working properly on your Android.

GreenPower free battery saver:


GreenPower is a free Android battery saver app with multiple options and controls to save battery life on Android. On launching the app, you will see a big battery icon with battery level displaying on Android screen. The app offers two modes to save the battery which include day mode and night mode. You can switch to day mode, as night mode is only available in premium version of the app. GreenPower offers multiple options which include WiFi settings, Mobile network settings, Bluetooth settings, Account sync settings, Traffic settings, app whitelist, screen OFF display to turn screen on/off. keep WiFi on/off during phone call, keep WiFi or data connection on/off if any hotspot enabled and much more. The app even provides a small battery icon with green or orange leaf indicating the battery level in notification panel.

Battery Booster:

Battery Booster

Battery Booster is another Android battery saver and optimizer for Android. Battery Booster is truly a nice app in Google Play Store. This is the one for which I was looking for in Google Play Store. With Battery Booster app, you can easily save battery life by enabling different battery saving modes in the app. Saving modes of the app include Basic saving mode, Smart saving mode, Ultimate saving mode, Sleep mode, and custom mode. As per my testing, these modes are enough to bring a drastic improvement into the battery life of your Android phone. But, if then also you feel that there is something missing that you want to control, then create a your custom mode and then control running programs accordingly.

You might not want to try any other battery saver, other than this Battery Booster app on your Android phone. This is because, Battery booster is a complete app that one might want to save battery life of Android.



PowerMax is a free Android battery booster app that enables you to save battery life as much as possible. This Android battery saver app is quite a simple app that can be controlled by a single power button in the app. You just have to tap and switch ON the power button. PowerMax will be activated and manages your background data like WiFi, Mobile data, Bluetooth, Screen brightness, wallpaper, and more. On switching on the power button, the app disables all the background data running and enables on switching ON the power button in the app. This is how PowerMax manages the battery life of your Android phone.

Apart from this, you can also check the history of enabling and disabling the app. From there you can know about the improvement of the battery life after installing PowerMax app. You can also customize the app through its multiple advanced settings.

You can also check the  review on PowerMax app for Android.

From all of the above apps, Easy Battery Saver, PowerMax, and Battery Booster are the best battery saver apps that I would recommended. If you find any other battery saver app better than these 10 apps discussed above then do let us know in comments.

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