Schedule, Create Restore Point, Manage System Restore Storage Space

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System Restore Point Creator is a free software that lets you quickly create restore point and schedule restore points task. You can view all the previously created system restore points within this handy tool, and easily create or schedule new ones. Plus you can restore system to any of these restore points from within the app itself. Apart from that, you can also view the overall disk space usage by these restores and manage that space to free up disk space.

Sometimes, after installation of a new software or some system updates, something goes wrong with the system. Even after using the much available PC cleanup utilities, we find it hard to get back the PC to its normal state, because the registry entries have been tweaked. In such cases, it is always advisable to restore system to make it work fine. So you should always create system restore points on regular basis, so that if anything goes wrong with your PC, you always have the option to get it back to a stable state, without loosing much of your installed programs and apps.

System Restore Point Creator - Interface

Though Windows itself provides a built-in restore point creator, but it generally takes more time and is limited in functionality as compared to System Restore Point Creator. The latter is completely portable and can be availed freely using the link given at the end of this article. Since it is portable, you don’t need to install it; just double click on the setup to launch the app.

Create Restore Point using System Restore Point Creator:

As I said, System Restore Point Creator is quick and easy to use. Above you can see the main interface of the program. As you open it, it will quickly detect and display a list of all the available system restore points. To create a new restore point, you just have to give it a name, and click the Create button. Your restore point would be added to the list within few seconds.

System Restore Point Creator - Create New Restore Point

Schedule Restore Points Task with System Restore Point Creator:

System Restore Point Creator makes it extremely simple to create restore points on regular basis by letting you create a schedule for it. Just create the restore points task and let the app automatically create restore points for you on scheduled intervals. Schedule can be created on Daily, Weekly basis, or for a particular time. Moreover, you can specify the time (in days) for which you want the restore points to exists.

System Restore Point Creator - Schedule Restore Points

Apart from creating a schedule for creating restore points, you can also create a schedule to delete old restore points. Same options are available here.

Manage System Restore Storage Space with System Restore Point Creator:

Next, you can view and manage the storage space occupied by these restore points, by analyzing the data in a bar graph format. The program displays the total size of your hard drives and the space used by these restore points. You can set a new system restore point storage size here, with just one click.

System Restore Point Creator - Manage System Restore Points

Key Features of System Restore Point Creator:

  • Free tool to create system restore points.
  • Schedule restore points task on weekly/hourly basis, or for a specific time.
  • View/manage restore points storage space on different disk drives.
  • View a list of available system restore points.
  • Restore system to a selected restore point.
  • Refresh restore points list, delete old restore points.
  • Can create system checkpoints.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Maintains log for restore point deletion.
  • Easy to use.
  • Fast and reliable.

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The Final Verdict:

System Restore Point Creator is a handy and reliable tool to create, schedule system restore points, and to restore system to an available restore point. Get it free and give it a try.

Get System Restore Point Creator here!

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