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Ashampoo Startup Tuner is a free software to speed up your Windows startup process. The number of applications available for the Windows operating system has certainly swelled in numbers in the last decade or so. Along with the huge number of applications being available comes the need to reduce the start time of the Windows operating system. Most of these applications are attached to the start-up process of the operating system, thus increasing the time taken to login to your account. Removing some of these unnecessary processes will improve the loading time of the OS dramatically. Even though such functionality is present within the operating system itself, there are many dedicated start-up tuners available today. One among them is the Ashampoo Startup Tuner.


Download and Installation of this startup tuner

The Ashampoo Startup Tuner is available for three different versions of Windows – Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista. Hence, it is not surprising to know that this free start-up tuner appeals to a wide range of audience. Downloading the software from the homepage is one of the easiest tasks. This is because the Ashampoo Startup Tuner is among the lightweight in the category of start-up tuners. The installation file does not take more than 1.5 MB, while the installed file is only slightly bigger than this figure.


Key Features of this startup tuner:

  • Provides the option to add or remove programs from the startup list.
  • Provides the ability to turn off and turn on some Windows features itself.
  • Ability to restore and backup the settings within the program.
  • Ability to edit the details of the start-up programs.
  • Comprehensive management of the start-up programs.

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Even though the Windows operating system itself provides the ability to take care of the start-up items, it is easy to see why it has not caught on amongst the public. The functionality that is present in built within the operating system is one of the most complex you can find today. The start-up tuners, especially the Ashampoo Startup Tuner, on the other hand, makes it extremely easy for you to understand the way to make your computer significantly faster.


Further, there is the possibility of backing-up your settings so that it can be used at a later stage. This cannot be done in the default functionality provided by the Windows operating system, while it is the same case with the other start-up tuners. One of the best aspects of the Ashampoo Startup Tuner is a fact that it requires very minimum processing power and space from your computer.

It would be sufficient to have just 512 MB of RAM to run the Ashampoo Startup Tuner, while the application will not take more than 5 MB of space on the hard disk.

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Of course, it is quite easy that novice users will make many mistakes when it comes to changing the start-up of the operating system. In order to make sure that you can return to the original state if you do not like the changes, the Ashampoo Startup Tuner makes regular backups. Yet again, this functionality is absent in the default option present in the Windows operating system.


In terms of security, the Ashampoo Startup Tuner allows you to deactivate the Windows notification service, which has been an entry point for many spammers in the past. Download the Ashampoo Startup Tuner now.

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Works With: Windows XP, Vista, 7
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