Focus Booster: Boost your Focus to Concentrate on Work

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Focus booster is a free unique application that aims at keeping the user focused on his or her work. Most of us who use a computer in our work, sometimes find it difficult to concentrate our time and energy on one task – we even sometimes procrastinate. It is not that we are lazy it is simply because many of us fail to manage time.

With free focus booster computer users everywhere are able to get work done. Everyone needs a break during work, without one or more, our brains would cease to function, leading to zero work being completed. Focus booster, arranges our work breaks, so that we are able to focus. Focus Booster works on popular Pomodoro Technique to help you focus better on your work.

focus booster

How Focus Booster works:

Focus booster has a digital timer that one, initially sets for 25 minutes. For that period of time one puts his or her head down and works. When the timer reaches its 25 minute setting, it will ring or make some other sound that you, the worker, have decided upon. At the sound, you take a 5 minute break. As you get more and more used to working non-stop for 25 minutes, increase the time to 50 minutes or even an hour. Within a few days, your productivity will be up and you’ll feel as if you’ve achieved something.

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Users are able to customize this free application very easily in seconds. Choosing between audible alarms or visual, the choice is yours. Another option that is handy is choosing the position of the timer window; at the bottom of your screen or perhaps at the top again, the choice is yours.

The utility is easy to set and the interface easily navigated. After a few weeks with this freeware running in the background, you’ll wonder how you ever worked without it. Employers would benefit from having free focus booster on employee’s computers. The boss could set the timers; telling staff that their next break is when the alarm sounds.

Focus booster is able to be used on either Mac or Windows machines. It is built on the Adobe Air Platform, so in order to run it on your computer; you’ll need to make sure you have Adobe Air installed. The online version requires Flash 10 and a supported browser. Download Focus Booster here.

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