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FilePhile is a free file transfer service that allows the user to transfer files of any size and type to any computer from almost anywhere. To add to this, the file transfer is  made in a secure way using high grade encryption techniques. So far almost 100 TB of data has been transferred by the users and this is a testimony to the fact that this free unlimited file transfer service is one of the efficient methods to transfer files on the web.

FilePhile is like a personal P2P file transfer client. If you want to transfer your file to anyone, he/she should also have FilePhile installed on the system. Then file is directly transferred from your system to your friend’s system. Also, FilePhile works on almost all operating systems, so it can be used to transfer files between Windows to Mac, or Windows to Linux, or Mac to Linux, or any other combination you can think of. FilePhile transfers file directly from your computer to your friend’s computer, and does not involves any third party in file transmission process. That is why FilePhile is completely free, and permits unlimited file transfers of files of any size.

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How to Install FilePhile:

  1. Create an account on the website
  2. Download the FilePhile client software corresponding to the user’s operating system.
  3. Install the Client software on the machine and set the preferences according to the need.
  4. Now the user is capable of transferring files of any type and size to almost any computer, using the service.

A buddy list is maintained on the client machine, where the recipients are identified by the email addresses. You can add or remove a buddy any time you want. You can also chat with your buddies using the integrated chat feature.

System Requirements:

Filephile is capable of running on various Operating systems including versions of Windows and Mac, Linux and BSDs. The user just has to download the corresponding file, unzip and install the application. The file size ranges in the order of a few Kilobytes.

When the user Operating System is Windows : Filephile requires Java version 1.5 or higher to be installed  on the system in order  to run. The software automatically installs Java 1.6 during installation if the Windows is a 32 bit Operating system. However if the OS is a 64 bit operating system, the user has to manually download the 64 bit Java 1.6 JDK for the software to run.

How to Transfer Files with FilePhile:

The file can be transferred by just dragging it and placing it on the email address of the recipient to whom the file is intended to be sent.  The transfer status area shows the various details about the file transfers that are being made.

This includes:

  • The transfer rate.
  • Sender/Recipient’s ID.
  • The file that is being sent/received.
  • Percentage completion of the file transfer.

The user can also edit the preferences of the client side software such as the Default Download location, File transfer rate limits, options to start the program on OS startup, automatic reception of files from a particular user etc.

All these features make FilePhile, a one-of-a kind software for transfer unlimited files of any type and size.

Download FilePhile and start transferring your files

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