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Imollo is a free file transfer software to transfer files to another computer by using drag and drop interface. Your friends also need to have Imollo installed to use this free file transfer service. To transfer files, you just select the contact to whom you want to transfer files, and Imollo will take care of the rest.

Imollo provides a platform to securely send files across the internet (i.e) , a managed file transfer service. Imollo is an efficient way to send files instantly to your friends and colleagues. The special feature of Imollo is that it allows file transfer between both online and offline contacts. If a contact is offline at the time of file transfer, then that contact would get the files when that contact connects to internet.


The best part of imollo is that it is cross-platform. So, it works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. This means that you can transfer files to other computers even if they have a different OS.

Imollo is an effective replacement for email attachments. Email services impose a size limit on attachments and the user cannot send files exceeding the limit. Imollo’s advantage is that it allows transfer of large files without much restrictions. There are other large file transfer services, but imollo would be my preferred option if I transfer files regularly to same contacts. For example, if you are doing a project with a friend and continuously transfer files, then imollo would be best option in that case.

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How to use Imollo File Transfer service?

  • Download the express installer from the website Imollo
  • Install the application. This usually takes just a few seconds.
  • Create an account for yourself on the website Imollo.
  • Add your friends and colleagues as contacts, with whom you want to exchange files. Your friends should also have imollo installed.
  • Share the files between them by just selecting them from contact list, and dropping files on imollo.
  • Your friends will get a notification that new files have been transferred to them, and all the transferred files will be available in imollo folder in their desktop.

The advantages of Imollo File Transfer software are:

  • Imollo allows transferring files to a list of contacts.
  • The latest version has a ‘Drop list’ feature to show the list of files being transferred.
  • Facilitates easy transfer of large files in one go.
  • Facility to stop or pause the file upload in the middle.
  • Imollo is free of any spywares and is verified by for safe use.
  • Drag and drop files from your system to transfer them.
  • Consumes minimal bandwidth and seamlessly transfers files.
  • Send files even to offline contacts.

Imollo thus is a feature rich application to send files effortlessly to friends and colleagues.

The Express installer is as small as 1.5 MB and can be downloaded from the website Imollo for free. Imollo can be installed and used on various Operating Systems like Windows 7/ XP/ Vista, Mac, Linux. The application requires Adobe AIR to be installed on the system to run.

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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac, Linux
Free/Paid: Free

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