Tonido: Free Software to Create Personal File Sharing Server

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Tonido is a free software that allows you to share files on your machine, without uploading them to any website. All the files reside on your machine, and can be accessed remotely via browser (with authentication).

With Tonido you don’t have to rely on file sharing websites which could be offline at any given time, or can compromise security of your files. All the information will be stored on your computer. By using P2P all the files can be downloaded from your computer.

Tonido does not imposes any storage limits. So, you can share all the files that you have on your computer. This is a nice way to create your own personal file sharing server by installing just one software. Importantly, you do not need to install Tonido on the computers from which you want to access those files.

Other free software that let you share and access files using P2P include Orb, and GigaTribe.

Tonido is a safe and reliable way to keep your files. If for some reason you cannot get into this new “Cloud Computing” trend which has been gaining momentum lately then download Tonido and end your problems once and for all.

According to the developers even if the site goes down and they stop the project, Tonido will still keep working on your computer. That happens because all the necessary information, files and info are stored on your computer.

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How to Use Tonido:

Using Tonido is quite easy. During the installation the network will be automatically created. After the installation is done you have to create your profile and then add the profiles of the people/computers that you want to have access to your files.

It’s important to note that Tonido will run inside your browser. In other words, it won’t consume so much memory and you can let it be the whole day and it won’t affect your machine’s performance.

Also, even though there’s a registration process, you don’t need to be connected to the internet in order to register. In order to create your local account simply click on the icon that should be on your system tray and a new tab should open in your browser.

After successfully registering everything the web interface should show up. From there you can do whatever you want.

Among many interesting functions Tonido allows you to mount the remote computer as a drive.

Features of Tonido:

  • Quickly create an intranet network.
  • Built in jukebox.
  • Mount the remote computer as a drive.
  • Works in Windows, Mac, and Linux

Personally, I prefer to use Live Mesh, as that also allows to access computer remotely, and I can access some of the files even if my remote computer is shut down. But Tonido is definitely an interesting concept for those who do not want to store their files on a 3rd party cloud.

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Works With: Windows, Mac, Linux
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