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BitTorrent Download Thruster is an addition to BitTorrent torrent client which is designed to improve the network connection speeds during downloads and with that decrease the time that it takes to download a file. Faster file downloads is something that majority of torrent users wants, and with BitTorrent Download Thruster you can have better download speeds, and if not that you can at least sleep better knowing that you’ve at least tried.

Thruster default window

Download Thruster is not a large program, only a few megabytes in size, and it doesn’t have a lot of options, in fact it doesn’t have any options, apart from the Network Interface selection menu which can be seen on the image above. Even though there’s not many options, Download Thruster does a lot of good things in the background, things that you are not aware of but which are very important if you want to have your torrent files downloaded faster.

Installation and memory demands

A lot of you are probably thinking, not another application to use up my already scarce computer resources, but don’t worry, BitTorrent Download Thruster doesn’t use a lot of resources. On our test machine the program used up only 3 MB of memory and it was a very small burden on the processor.

Something that should be brought to your attention, which happened to us during installation is that the program tries to install a toolbar without the users permission:

Thruster plugin

Installation tried to automatically install the addon without even asking us if we wanted to have it installed, which is very sneaky and not very nice. But since you can decline the plugin install in your browser all is well.

How does Download Thruster help my downloads?

According to the creators of Download Thruster, the application is balancing your network connections and minimizing the strain on the line, which torrent downloads usually are. Direct server downloads are good because they only have a few concurrent connections, or perhaps even just one, depending on what you are using to download. Concurrent connections is a number that tells us how many different machines from around the web we are connected to when downloading or surfing. With torrents, since we are basically downloading from hundreds of people from around the world, depending on how many torrents we are downloading, we have hundreds of concurrent connections and that can cause slow downs and even connection breakups. For this reason improved balancing is not such a bad idea, and that’s exactly what Download Thruster does.

Improved download speeds with more precise peer search

One more feature that’s worthy of a mention would be that BitTorrent Download Thruster is supposed to improve accuracy and increase the speed with which peers on a certain torrent file are found. We’ve tested download without Download Thruster and the speeds were lagging, once we ran it, new peers were found and speed jumped to the maximum.

Thruster working

How exactly and will it help you depends on a number of different factors, so it’s best that you try this BitTorrent addon and see for yourself how it will work. Of course do not expect to have the speed limits set by your ISP removed, but better speeds on torrents with little peers can be expected, try it and see how it goes. Download BitTorrent Download Thruster free.

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