Free Portable Applications Package for Flash Drive: LiberKey

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LiberKey is free portable software package, which enables you to store number of portable software in your flash drive and save them in menu and category format so easy access. This free portable OS contains more software than any other package in the genre.This is lot like Lupo PenSuite.

There are not just dozens of the application but hundreds. The installation is completely automatic and the LiberKey menu is extremely user-friendly. The menu is well-organized with heading and sub headings so that you can find your application easily under respective criteria.


The LiberKey is available free to download over web in three different suites. You can select the package as per your need and download them free of charge. Thus, you can make portable collection of free applications that are easy to install and popular programs under areas: Audio, Video, Graphics, Internet, Games, Security, Education, System, etc.

Therefore, when you want to search for Firefox you will find it in Internet category with sub heading web browser. This way even if you lend your flash drive to your friend, it is easy to them also to search for applications. Also check out  Mojopac desktop for Flash drive.

Various Suites of LiberKey:

LiberKey Basic: with Applications 12, Download size: 37.30 MB, Install size: 113.25 MB

LiberKey Standard: with Applications 89, Download size:  176.21 MB, Install size: 468.40 MB

LiberKey Ultimate: with Applications 164, Download size: 233.12 MB, Install size: 618.66 MB

In addition, to the above mentioned suites and applications, you can browser through the list of application with installers and exe files of the programs. You can selectively pick the applications through the list and enhance your suites.

Each application in the list will be marked with the info about the inclusion of the application in its respective suite. Apart from it, you will also find their master list that includes some more applications, which are not included in any suite and still downloadable.

The list is an excellent resource for finding additional portable software. Also, check out the list to see what is included in each package and find other great applications to add to your flash drive toolkit.

The very important feature of this free portable software package is that you can also synchronize your menu list with the online catalog. As you are aware that very often new version of the software are published and whenever you want to upgrade your application, simply synchronize your package menu with their online catalog. The online catalog will also help you to synchronize the display of the catalog with your LiberKey. This can help you to locate applications that could interest you.

The feature overview of LiberKey:

  • The package is free
  • Find more than 200 applications in single suite
  • Portability
  • Ready to use
  • Automatic online updates
  • Synchronization with the online catalogue

Liberkey is an amazing to use completely free OS that you can carry around in a Flash drive. The interface is intuitive, and included applications are very useful. You can also try Microsoft USB Drive Manager, and free USB Encryption Software.

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