File Dropper: Ultra Simple File Sharing Service with 5GB upload limit

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File Dropper is an amazing freeware online large file sharing service that lets you share large files up to a massive 5 GB in size with others. It’s probably one of the most (if not, the most) simplistic file sharing services out there. There are no sign-ups, no accounts, no captchas, nothing at all. All you have to do is upload your file via the web interface of File Dropper. Once you do that, File Dropper generates a unique sharing URL that you can share with anyone and they can use it to download the file. Uploaded files are retained on File Dropper’s servers for as long as they are being downloaded. However, if no one downloads a file for a consecutive period of 30 days, they are deleted permanently. Sounds interesting? Head past the break to find out more.

filedropper header

File Dropper: Main Web Interface

Well, if you can call a logo, two lines of text, and a text box an interface, then I’ve just described File Dropper’s web UI to you. And that’s not a bad thing. On the contrary it’s wicked cool. File Dropper features one of the minimal user interfaces that I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Don’t believe me? Check a screenshot of its homepage below:

file dropper main ui

See, told you. File Dropper describes what it does and how to use it, in less than twenty words. I mean, the above screenshot of the web UI itself clears up pretty much everything about it. There are no fancy signups, no collaboration, nothing. Just a basic but descriptive user interface that’s intuitive enough for even a kid to understand.

If you want to send files online via P2P, do check out Sharefest.

How to share large files online using File Dropper?

If there’s one thing that’s more simplistic than File Dropper’s exceedingly sparse UI, it’s how to use it to share your files. You can use it to upload and share files up to a ginormous 5 GB in size. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Click the Upload File button on the business end of the file name text box. Once the file browser window pops up, locate the file that you want to share and select it to upload to File Dropper for sharing. When the upload starts, you can see its progress by a progress bar.

progress bar file dropper

Step 2: Once the file has been uploaded, File Dropper automatically generates a unique URL to it. All you have to do now is share this link with others, and they’ll be able to access the uploaded file. File Dropper also generates an HTML code with the download link that you can embed anywhere to share the file on websites and forums.

file dropper link

That’s just about all you need you do. How much simpler can it possibly get than this, I don’t know. Whenever anyone accesses the unique Share URL, he/she will be able to download the file by simply clicking the Download This File button.

file dropper download

How long are your files available with File Dropper?

Normally, free file sharing services have a cap on the number of days they’ll store your files on their servers before deleting them. File Dropper is no exception, however it has an exception (For whatever sense that made!). It stores your files on its servers as long as they are being downloaded. This means that if a shared link is being accessed regularly to download the file, the file remains on their servers. However, if no one downloads a file for a continuous period of 30 days, they are deleted from File Dropper’s servers. In addition to that, if you think that an uploaded file violates DMCA or other copyright agreement, you can request to have it removed via the Request File Removal link on the website’s footer.

One limitation I see with this service is that it does not gives any option for password protection and anyone with URL can access the file. If you want to add password protection, you can try dropcanvas.


File Dropper is a perfect example of a web service doing just one thing and doing it right. You upload your files and share the link. That’s all there’s to it. No fancy collaboration features, no eye candy user interfaces, no mobile apps, just ultra simple file sharing. So simple, it literally takes two or three clicks. File Dropper stores your files forever, and deletes them if no one downloads them for 30 days. If you’re looking for a straightforward way of sharing large sized files with others even when you’re half asleep, Drop a file to on File Dropper.

Try File Dropper Here

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