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Sharefest is a free web based service that lets you share large files with others, but with a difference. Unlike conventional file sharing services that work by first uploading the files to their servers, Sharefest works on P2P technology. This means that the file transfer directly takes place between the sender and the recipient, with Sharefest juts acting as a front end. Since there is no initial uploading of files involved, the recipient(s) can start downloading the files as soon as you start uploading. All you have to do is share the unique dynamic URL with them, which can be shared via Email or Social Networks.

sharefest header

Online file sharing services are dime a dozen these days. They come in really handy, when it comes to sharing big files with others. But almost all of them first require you to upload your files to their servers, which is not good from the privacy aspect, as there is no concrete way to ascertain whether your files have been deleted from the service providers’ servers or not. Sounds bad, right?

But hey, it doesn’t have to be that way. Today, I’m reviewing Sharefest, a unique online file sharing service that pulls a BitTorrent of sorts while helping you share big files. But instead of BitTorrent, it actually uses WebRTC; a shiny new technology that lets browsers talk to each other.

Sharefest: Online P2P File Sharing Website:

Unlike traditional file sharing services, that upload your files to their own servers before letting you share them, File sharing works by employing a sort of P2P (Peer to Peer) voodoo.  This essentially means that you don’t need to upload anything to Sharefest’s servers, your file is available as soon as it’s shared via Sharefest’s web UI. This is possible because Sharefest just acts as a front end, or a mediator between you and your file’s recipient.

When you share a file via Sharefest, it opens up a direct line between you and your recipient. All you have to do is keep your browser window open, as that’s how the connection is maintained. As long as the browser window at the file’s source (computer) is open, you can simply share the dynamically generated URL with as many people as you want, and they can download it. Let’s see the whole thing in a bit more detail

How to share files using Sharefest?

Step 1: Head over to Sharefest’s homepage. Once there, either drag and drop your file into the big file transfer box directly, or click it to browse to your file’s location in your computer (And yes, before you even ask, there is no need to sign up, because there is no sign up!).

sharefest main ui

Step 2: As soon as you share the file, Sharefest starts preparing it for sharing via your browser. Check out the screenshot below:

sharefest transfer step 1

Once your file is prepared for sharing, Sharefest immediately generates a unique dynamic URL for it. You can either share this dynamic URL with your recipients through Email, or directly from Sharefest via the sharing buttons. Make sure not to close the browser window before your recipients have downloaded the file, as you’re the only peer with the complete file, and closing the windows amounts to terminating the P2P connection.

sharefest transfer step 2

Step 3: That’s it. Now whenever the recipient accesses the dynamic URL, the file will be instantly downloaded, directly from the sender’s system. No uploads, no accounts, nothing. The recipients can even see the download progress and speed as the file is being downloaded. Check out the following screenshot:

sharefest file reception

Now that wasn’t so hard, was it? As long as the browser window (the source) is open, the dynamic URL can be used to download the file as many times as desired. And since it works much like BitTorrent, every user who successfully downloads the file becomes a peer as well. As long as all the peers keep their browser windows open, they can together contribute in sharing the file with others. How cool is that?

sharefest file reception and download info

As illustrated by the above screenshot, Sharefest notifies you of successful download after its completion. The number of users with complete file (peers), along with the average download speed for the latest peer is also displayed in the summary window.


Sharefest is a great service. It takes the extremely concept of online file sharing, and cross-breeds it with some P2P goodness to provide you with a secure and hassle-free way of sharing large files without the need of any accounts, registrations or extraneous installations. If you share large files with others on a daily basis, this is one service that you have to give a try. Trust me, you’ll love it.

Try Sharefest here

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