5 Temporary Email Extensions For Google Chrome

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Here’s a list of 5 temporary email extensions for Google Chrome which you can use to quickly create temporary email addresses from inside Google Chrome. Temporary email address just might be the most effective way how to combat spam. We all get a bit nervous when we have to give our email address on a website that doesn’t look very trustworthy.

With a disposable email address, you don’t have to worry in these types of situations, because even if the website starts sending spam later on, you won’t know about it.

Easy disposable email address

temporary email extensions google chrome

Easy disposable email address really is one the easiest ways how you can create and manage disposable email addresses when using Google Chrome.

After installing the extension you’ll be able to quickly insert and create temporary email addresses by simply right clicking on registration forms and selecting the Insert temporary email option. The disposable email inbox opens up in a new tab automatically.

Get Easy disposable email address.

emaildeutschland.de Disposable eMail Address

temporary email extensions google chrome 1

This is a temporary email extension for a German disposable email service that goes by the name emaildeutschland.de.

Top right corner extension icon is added to Chrome after installation and when you left click it, in a pop-up window you get your disposable email address and inbox where messages can be read. Click on the Delete Email Address button down below when you no longer need it after which you can generate a new one if you want.

Get emaildeutschland.de Disposable eMail Address.

TrashMail.net for Google Chrome™

temporary email extensions google chrome 2

TrashMail.net is an extension for another disposable email service, I’ll leave you to guess which one.

Extension works similar to Easy disposable email address from the top of the list. Email address can be created by right clicking on email fields on registration forms and selecting Insert disposable email. In a pop-up window which can be seen on the image above you can customize the disposable email address that’s gonna be created, which is something that you can’t do with the first two extensions.

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Disposable Temporary E-Mail Address

temporary email extensions google chrome 3

Disposable Temporary E-Mail Address is an Chrome extension for the Crazymailing web service for creating disposable emails.

One click is all it takes for you to create a temporary email address. From the top right corner pop-up window you will see the automatically generated email address and you’ll also be able to manage your inbox, to keep track of received messages. Created temporary emails are gonna be deleted after 10 minutes of them being created, keep that in mind.

Get Disposable Temporary E-Mail Address.

Harakirimail extension

temporary email extensions google chrome 4

Harakirimail extension works just like the first one that we talked about, the one with the very long name all the way from the top of the list, Easy disposable email address.

Right click on the email field of the registration form and select insert Harakiri email. Email is generated and added to the form automatically while the inbox is opened in a new tab, on the Harakirimail website.

Get Harakirimail extension.


All the temporary email extensions that we talked about here today are great and very useful, which makes it difficult for us to pick the best ones. We’ll leave you to decide. Submit your votes by typing out a comment down below.

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