5 Free Open Source Music Player Android Apps

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Here are 5 free open source music player Android apps. In this list, I have added some really nice music player apps with some really amazing features. You can replace any app from this list with your existing audio player on your phone for listening music in ad free manner. These apps have almost all the features and tools to manage your music and controlling the music playback.

These apps have features like music equalizer, playlist manager, ID3 tags editor, music library sorter, player themes, now playing skins, and some others. All these apps are open source and I will also mention links to their source code that you can analyze, test, and contribute to their development.

Google Play Store has a long list of music player apps for you to use. You can use all these apps for free and then you can simply manage your music. Another reason to use open source apps is that in closed source apps along with the ads, they secretly track you. But in this app it doesn’t happen. You can check out their source code to ensure that there are no spywares or user tracking scripts. Just simply install them from Google Play Store or download their source code from GitHub to build them by yourself.

Free Open Source Music Player Android Apps

5 Free Open Source Music Player Android Apps:


Timber music player open source

Timber is a powerful music player Android app that you can use. You can download it from F-Droid or from Google Play store and start organizing your music library. Here it offers you some really nice features that you will like. You will find features like a 5 band equalizer, home screen widget, customizable player skin, reading lyrics information from music files, dark theme, and there is an option in this app to update missing album art from Last.fm. After installation, it lists all the songs on your phone and you can start playing them. There is a paid version of this app as well that you can opt for if you need some more features.

After installing it, you can start using it and then manage your music. In the “Albums” sections, it will automatically organize all your songs. You can further categorize your songs by creating different playlists. The interface of the app is very nice and all things are accessible from it. Apart from managing your songs, you can customize this audio player. For this, just go to the Settings section and enable different options such as dark mode, apply different custom player skins (some are not activated in the free version). Additionally, it adds a small player in the notification center to control the playback. You can access the source code of this app here.

Shuttle Music Player

Shuttle music player open source

Shuttle Music Player is a feature rich Android music player which is open source. Some other advanced features are in the paid version but free version is very good as well. Here this audio player gives you a 6 band equalizer, sleep timer, playlist manager, themes, auto updation of missing album covers, and some others. The free version of the app is ad free as well and has a smooth and intuitive interface. It can read the embedded lyrics in the songs and it also offers you Last.fm scrobbing. In addition to this, you can blacklist a song to hide it from the library and restore it later again easily. You can find the source code of this app here.

Install this app from above link or use its code to do whatever you want. After installing this app, it automatically organizes the music library. And it updates the artist photo as well in the songs library along with the missing album covers. The lyrics fetching option is not included due to legal reasons but it can read the local lyrics stored in the songs’ metadata. You can use this app in the same way like any other app in this list. Apply custom skins to the player and do whatever you want.

Vanilla Music

Vanilla Music Player Open Source

Vanilla Music is a simple Android music player app which is open source as well. Here it has almost all the options that you can expect from an offline music player. You can manage all your songs in it and it is customizable too. One unique feature in this app is that here you can define custom options on swipe up, down, left, and right gestures.

There are some other nice features this music player app has like built-in equalizer, custom themes, customizing the position of album art on the player, and gapless playback. Just install it and it will list all your songs from your phone. It also allows you to add songs in the library manually as well. The source code of this app can be found here.

Install this app and then start managing your songs collection. The app has a simple interface and the customization options are on the Settings page. Just customize the app in the way you want. There is a built-in search in the app that you can use to find songs in your library and there is quick way to favorite tracks as well. To apply custom themes and define gestures, go to the Settings section and then configure them based on your needs.

Vinyl Music Player

Vinyl Music Player open source

Vinyl Music Player is minimal open source music player app for Android. Here it offers some basic and some advanced features that you will like to have in a music player app. Here it offers you a dedicated ID3 tags editor and this player keeps the songs history.

You can quickly add the currently playing songs to favorites and directly share songs from the player’s interface as well. The music player of this app is very nice too and you can simply hide and unhide it by up and down swipe. The app organizes your music according to the albums, genre, and artists. You can check out its source code from here.

This music player has only essential options for controlling and organizing your songs. Features like player themes, skins, sleep mode are not included in it. After installing this app, you just start using it to play your favorite songs in it. Apart from just playing songs, you can use options like adding songs to favorites, creating custom playlist, and analyzing the songs history. If you want a simple music player with minimal advanced features like editing tags then this app can be considered.

Flutter Music Player

Flutter music player open source

Flutter Music Player is the simplest open source music player Android app in this list. Here this app has only two screens. On first screen(the main UI) you can see the list of all the songs from your phone. And the other screen is the main song player where you can use the playback controls to play, pause the songs. There are no other features in this app that you can use. It only focuses on listing and playing MP3 songs stored on your phone. For additional playback options, there is only shuffle playback and option to disable earphones.

The app is still in development and many features will be available in the future updates. If you are interested in its source code then use this GitHub link. If you want to try out this app then install it from above and then play your songs. Since there are no other features than playback controls then you will feel a bit lonely with this app. But if you only want a straightforward audio player app that can play your songs then you may give it a try.

Final thoughts

These are the best free open source music player Android apps that you can use. All these apps have many things in common but also have some distinct features that I have mentioned in the context of each one of them. If you are interested in trying different music player apps then you can try anyone from this list. Also, if you know of some other good open source music player app then you can tell me.

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