5 Free Numerology Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 free numerology apps for Android which you can use to find out what the future holds for you based on your date of birth. Numerology is similar to astrology, some people actually label it as part of astrology, where everything about you is figured out from the date of your birth. Apps from the list down below can help you find out what kind of love life you’ll have, your finance, work promotions and more.

Let’s look at these apps below.

Numerology by Mario Salai

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Numerology by Mario Salai is one of the highest rated numerology apps in the Play Store.

It uses your date of birth to figure out your birthday number, life path number, expression number, personality number, heart’s desire number, relationship compatibility and karmic lesson. First you need to enter your date of birth, and then your fortune is given to you, see image above.

Get Numerology by Mario Salai.

Numerology Guru

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Numerology Guru covers 2 main categories of fortunes that you can get from the app. First it can tell you about yourself and then about your relationship compatibility.

Type in your date of birth and the app will return back your luck factors, life number, give you insights about your health, professional life, relationships, destiny and more. Analysis is quite extensive, as you can see from the image above.

Get Numerology Guru.

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Numerology Daily Horoscope

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Numerology Daily Horoscope is a much simpler app where you’re given only a short horoscope type of prediction of what the future holds for you.

First you’ll be asked to select your date of birth. After doing that, you’re immediately taken to your short prediction for the day. Note this is a daily numerological horoscope app, so you can use it daily to get predictions about your future.

Get Numerology Daily Horoscope.

Complete Numerology

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Complete Numerology will ask you for your name and date of birth (obviously) before giving you a complete numerological overview.

Each one of the available numerological analysis (birth number, soul number, life path, life outlook) can be viewed by switching between the tabs at the bottom of the screen. This app also creates an analysis of your initials and gives you an outlook about your future based on them. There’s a decent amount of text to go through. Don’t forget to swipe through all the tabs at the bottom to read everything that the app has to say about your future.

Get Complete Numerology.

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Numerology by astroYogi

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Numerology by astroYogi is similar to Numerology Guru. Once you’ve given the app your name and date of birth, you’ll be presented with your ruling number.

Alongside the ruling number, there’s going to be a whole heap of information that the app gives you down at the bottom. App gives you yearly predictions, lucky gemstones, personality reading, orientation number, spirit number and more.

Get Numerology by astroYogi.


All the apps from the list above are great. Some of them give you more info, like Numerology Guru, that’s why it’s a bit ahead in my book, over all the other apps that I mentioned. Give them all a try and let me know what you think in comments down below.

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