4 Free Markdown To HTML Online Converters

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Here are 4 free Markdown to HTML online converters. You can upload your Markdown file from PC and then get the output as HTML file with only a few mouse clicks. Apart from that, some of these online Markdown to HTML converters also let you upload Markdown file from Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. You can also convert Markdown to PDF using some of these websites.

A few unique features are also available. You can edit a Markdown file, preview the output in real-time when editing Markdown file, create a new Markdown file, save the output to Google Drive or Dropbox, etc.

Let’s check with the first free Markdown to HTML converter website available in this list.


Dillinger is one of my favorite websites to work with Markdown files. It won’t be wrong if I call it as Markdown suite. It lets you create new Markdown files, edit markdown files, check the preview of Markdown file side by side, and convert the Markdown file. You can convert the Markdown file to HTML and PDF.

Apart from converting Markdown to HTML or PDF online, it lets you save the output file to your Dropbox, GitHub, Google Drive, OneDrive, or Medium account.

I also like its feature to import a Markdown file very much. It is so because you have the choice to add Markdown file from your OneDrive account, Dropbox, PC, or Google Drive account.

You may read more about Dillinger website here.


StackEdit- interface

StackEdit is a multi purpose website and has almost all the tools that you can use for a Markdown file. It lets you view Markdown file, preview the output in real-time, edit Markdown file, and export Markdown file as HTML file. Apart from converting Markdown to HTML online, this website also lets you export your Markdown file to GitHub, Google Drive, Dropbox, Blogger, Gist, Tumblr, WordPress, etc. Sometimes, I faced problem to export Markdown file to my Google Drive account but exporting Markdown as HTML file was successful every time.

Another feature that I like about this website is that it lets you upload Markdown file from PC or add URL of an online Markdown file. After uploading the file, you can do changes (if needed) and then export Markdown to PC as HTML file.


CloudConvert gives a tough competition to Dillinger and StackEdit websites (mentioned above). It also comes with the feature to add Markdown file from PC, OneDrive, Box, Google Drive, and Dropbox. You can also add URL of an online MD file. Also, the output can be saved to PC and any of these supported cloud storage services.

The feature that makes it better than other websites is that you can convert multiple Markdown files to HTML at once. 5 concurrent conversions can be done at a time using this website.

Features of this website are very good, but this website has free and paid plans. In the free plan, 5 conversions can be done at a time. Also, there is 25 minutes time limit for a Markdown file. Maximum, 1 GB file size limit is also there. Still, I guess the features provided in the free plan are sufficient for regular users.

md2html (by Convert Files Online)


md2html is a straightforward option to convert MD to HTML format file. All you have to do is use “select a file” option to add a Markdown file from PC. Or else, you can simply select a Markdown file available on your PC and drop it on the interface of this website. That’s it! The website will quickly convert that Markdown file and link of HTML file will visible. You can click that link and then the output file will be downloaded to your PC.

This is all md2html website does. There are no settings or other hassles. Just a simple Markdown to HTML converter website that I like very much.

The Conclusion:

Here I wrap up this Markdown to HTML online converters list. Each website in this list successfully converts Markdown file to HTML document. Still, I prefer Dillinger because it is my most favorite website. It has Markdown creator, editor, and converter and I’m using it for a very long time. Try these Markdown to HTML converter websites and share your experience.

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