5 Free Games To Learn Alphabets Online

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Here is a list of 5 free games to learn alphabets online. Kids belonging to primary classes can benefit greatly from these games.

It is an established fact that lessons learnt with full concentration and interest stay with you all along. We see a lot of games and activities available on the internet these days that provide an alternative to usual learning methods. As it has turned out these alternative methods have also proved to be successful, at least for elementary learning. The games reviewed in this article have their own ways of providing these basic, elementary lessons to learn alphabets, for small kids. Let us have a look.

The 5 games reviewed in this article are Learn ABC Online, Alphabet Crossword, Frog Game, Color By Letter, and ABC Game.

Learn ABC Online:

learn alphabets online

The very first game to learn alphabets online that I have reviewed is Learn ABC online. From good-looking interface to effective lessons and games, this game scores high marks on all these parameters. It consists of a video lesson and three games. You go through the lesson first and then play the game. The 3 games are not different from each other; only the level keeps on increasing as you move ahead.

The video lesson in this game includes images and examples to learn all the alphabets. As shown in the screenshot above, you can start with the letter A and move ahead in a chronological order. To make sure that you learn the alphabets properly, various examples are cited to help you out. Go through these lessons and follow it up with the available games.

Learn ABC Online-games

The games have been designed with an intention to test what all you have learned. You are asked to identify a particular letter (upper case or lower case) from among the available option. Every correct and incorrect answer is marked and the timings are also noted. If you have finished the first game, or first level, move ahead with the next level.

Alphabet Crossword:

Learn alphabets online

Alphabet Crossword is another beautiful looking game with helpful methods to learn alphabets online, for free. Firstly, you have to choose the letter you wish to work on, from the menu. After that, you are taken to the workplace, where a crossword puzzle is waiting for you. It consists of small words (keeping in mind the understanding level of a small kid) that begin from the chosen letter. You have to place those words in such a manner that all of them fit perfectly.

The idea behind this game is to help you learn alphabets through words. Examples like A for Apple have been replaced with a crossword, but the essence is still the same.

Frog Game:

learn alphabets online

Frog Game is another decent game that helps you learn alphabets online. I say decent because even though the content of the game is good and helpful, its interface looks archaic and kind of takes the feel away.

Basically, the game consists of a hungry frog waiting to eat the alphabets in a chronological order. The alphabets, all jumbled up, keep passing over his head in a line. You have to click on the head of the frog to enable him to take out his tongue and snatch the alphabet into his tummy. The alphabet that has to be eaten next is always highlighted. Go ahead and try it out from the link above.

Color By Letter:

learn alphabets online

Another website to learn alphabets online is Color By Letter. In this game you will find a drawing that is divided into various parts. Each of these parts is marked with an alphabet and a color is associated with each alphabet. These associations are shown on the right hand side of the interface of the game. You have to pick up the right color and fill it in the right portion of the drawing. Once the entire coloring is done, hit the check button to see whether you filled the right colors or not. This whole exercise helps small kids in remembering and identifying alphabets with the help of colors.

Along with the game, you will also find suitable worksheets that can be used by kids to work and improve their knowledge of alphabets. The worksheets are available right below the interface of the game. Check it out from the link above.

ABC Game:

learn alphabets online

The last game reviewed in this article to learn alphabets online is ABC Game. This is a very simple game with a pretty interface. All the alphabets are listed on the interface, supported by suitable images. Every time you click on any alphabet, a voice in the background will speak out the alphabet and a few examples to go with it. This is done to acquaint you with all the alphabets and learn them properly. Make sure that you have your earphones or speakers plugged in while playing this game. Try it out from the link given above.

Try out all these games and enjoy learning alphabets online. Do let us know what you think about these games, through comments.

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