Windows 8 Stickman Game App Free: Stick Man Trampoline

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Stick Man Trampoline, is a free Windows 8 physics game app. It’s good game app and has a good new concept. The game is so simple to understand that, it’ll take few minutes to learn how to play the game app. But, it’s not that easy to score more in the game. Which, makes it quite challenging. The game is all about physics gravity rule and jumping. You’ll get a stick man in a location called world, jumping on a trampoline. All you have to do is, move the trampoline so that, he doesn’t fall directly on the ground, face-down. Also, the stick-man can not touch any other boundaries of the world. But there’s a hole (more of a gap) in the location, somewhere at the top edge. All you have to do is, make the stick-man jump and pass through the hole, so that he can reach another location, higher to the current location.

Stick Man Trampoline

Crossing each location gives you one point. So, the objective of this cool game app is, keep going as high as you can; from world by world, to score the best.

Gameplay of this Windows 8 physics game app:

The game is certainly fun. It has got a new and fun gameplay. Sometimes it gets too hard to control the jumps. But, that is what makes the game fun. Especially, when you miss the hole by few inches. You’ll feel, all you need is one more chance. What you have to do is, avoid hitting any corner that is boundary of the world, and pass through the hole. The hole usually stays at the top, and what you have to do is, move and match the trampoline placement with the stick-man’s jumps.

Stick Man Trampoline - gameplay

The stick-man automatically jumps, that is you don’t have to make the stick-man jump. The game automatically makes him jump. The controls are very easy and simple. You can use the keyboard left and right arrows to move the trampoline. The simulations of the game, that is the animations and gravity dynamics are really smooth, and feels quite realistic. The game is in 2D and has really good sketches. Plus, the background sound is also equally good. It has the sound similar to those games of 70s and 80s. It sounds funny, but nice.

The more worlds you pass through, the more scores you’ll get. However, the game is pretty strict with dying, that is, if you touch any boundary, you’ll die the very moment and you have to start from world 1 again. The good thing is, the game saves previous best score. And shows it on the lower right corner. Your current score is displayed at lower left corner.

Simply play the this cool game, move the trampoline, and clear world after world.

Key features of this Windows 8 physics game app:

  • Completely free.
  • Good Windows 8 physics game app.
  • Great gameplay.
  • Good physics simulations.
  • Good sketch graphics.
  • Awesome music.
  • Simple and easy controls.

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Final note:

Stick Man Trampoline, is a good and refreshing Windows 8 physics game app. It’s fun, not that easy, but, addictive. All in all, a great game app to kill some time.

Grab Stick Man Trampoline here.

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Works With: Windows 8
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