Free Data Backup with Create Synchronicity

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Create Synchronicity is a very powerful yet lightweight file backup application which you can use in order to backup data and documents from you computer’s hard drive to your external drive, thumb drives or perhaps even network locations if you have a local network setup and if you’re using it. Create Synchronicity size is less than 200kb, which is pretty much unbelievable, especially when you open up the settings window for setting up a file backup job.

Create Synchronicity default window

Backup jobs are called profiles in Create Synchronicity, and you can create them as much as you want, for as much locations that you want monitored. There are two ways of how you can use Create Synchronicity, you can either download the portable zip folder or an installer file. We’ve decided to use the portable version and everything went fine, we didn’t have any problem. Some of the more interesting features found in this free data backup software would be:

  • Set up multiple backup jobs at once – for several different locations
  • Preview changes which are gonna be applied before going through
  • Backup scheduling to automate the backup process
  • Three different backup types are available

Setting up a backup job is very easy with Create Synchronicity, very useful feature that we’ve come across would be pop-ups which appear when you hover over an option giving you explanation of how things are done. Even without you shouldn’t have problems setting up your upload, but in case you do, here’s a few pointers on how you can easily create your first backup job with Create Synchronicity.

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How to create a backup with Create Synchronicity

Name the default profile that waits for you after opening up this free backup tool and once you do that, backup setup window will open up right away.

Create Synchronicity setting up backup

Open up the directories that you want to backup in the From and To fields that you can see on the image above, or down below in the Sub-directories portion of the window. Once you do that, and once you hit the Reload button which can be seen in between the left and right windows, list of folders and sub-directories is gonna be shown and thats it. Now you need to select what kind of upload you want.

Mirror – mimics all the changes from the main folder even deletions
Incremental – only adds new files to the backup destination
Two way incremental – copies changes from the backup to source also

When you’re finished, click Save and you should get back to the main window. Your profile should be listed, right click on it and you should see the selection to preview backup, actually do it or schedule.

Create Synchronicity backup ready

Select the task that you want to do, and start backing up your files, documents and pictures very easily. Create Synchronicity is a very simple tool and it’s very lightweight. If you opt up for scheduled updates it’s not gonna slow your system down by much. Try it out and see for yourself.

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