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The Wiki Game is a free online textual game; based on Wikipedia articles. In The Wiki Game you have to navigate from one article to another by clicking the hyperlinks.

The Wiki Game is a kind of speed race; with other online players. In this game you are given two words, the first one is your starting point (a Wikipedia article related to the word), from you have to navigate through various Wikipedia articles and find the second word. There are various modes in this game: speed race, least clicks, six degrees of Wikipedia, five clicks to Jesus, and no United States.

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GamePlay of The Wiki Game:

The Wiki Game is a free online textual game. This game depends on time, strategy, and mainly knowledge. You are given two random words. You have to navigate from one Wikipedia Article to another; by clicking on the hyperlinks. Depending on the type of game you choose, you have to race against other online players and score points. Let’s find out more details of the versions of The Wiki Game.

Versions of The Wiki Game:

There are 5 versions of The Wiki game: speed race, least clicks, six degrees of Wikipedia, five clicks to Jesus, and no United States. All these games are available in the main page or else if you have chosen one game, then below the web page you will find choose another game option.

  • Speed Race: In Speed race game, you have to navigate from one article to another in least time. In the main page, you are given two words and the second word can be opened in Wikipedia page for you to find the solution faster. Let’s look at an example (observe the below screenshot). The target word is Pluto and I was given Emma Stone (guess you are also wondering, how can such a beautiful actress Emma Stone be related to Pluto?). So, as you can see, there are words hyperlinked in the text (colored blue). My guess is that, you have to navigate through those links such that you might find a movie named Pluto. The most ironic thing is that, you will be shown a whole page of Wikipedia article and you have to search for related words and navigate through them. Reach your destination word within 2 minutes and score points. After two minutes are complete you will shown the winners and their clicks path. Instantly you will be given another set of words.

textual game the wiki game

  • Least Clicks: In this game also, you have to follow the same process as defined in Speed race. The condition in this game is that, you should use the least number of navigation pages before reaching the destination page. For example if your words are Howard Dean and Sweden, then the path would be: Howard Dean → United States → Foreign relations of the United States → Sweden. So, if you make it through using least clicks then you will score high.
  • Six degrees of Wikipedia: In this game, you have to be so precise, such that you get to the destination article in just 6 clicks.
  • Five clicks to Jesus: In this Wiki game mode you have to reach the article Jesus, from some random article given to you.
  • No United States: This game has a condition. You should not use the United States page to navigate to the destination article.

This textual game is clearly an addictive one (make sure you have lots of free time to play). You find complicated words and believe me you have to dig in a lot of pages and will surely gain knowledge too. I have written another interesting textual game called British Officer Intelligence exam to become James Bond.

Click here to Play the Wiki Game.

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