Free Online Multiplayer Shooting Game For Google Chrome: Rush Team

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Rush Team is a free online multiplayer shooting game available for Google Chrome where you can test your shooting skills. This FPS (First Person Shooter) game is really a tough game as you need to shoot enemies with a good presence of mind. You are provided with a set of weapons using which you can move forward and search for your enemies and shoot them down. This game tests your ability, intelligence, and toughness. If you have enough guts and ability, then dare to play this game.

This game is really interesting and comes as an app for Google Chrome browser to play online for free.

Rush Team 001 online multiplayer shooting game

About This Free Online Multiplayer FPS Game:

Rush Team is a free online multiplayer FPS game and the unique thing about this game is that it is designed by a single person. It is still in under development but good enough to play. In this game, there are different locations (city zone, underground etc.) available to play. Along with this, two modes are available in this game i.e. TDM (Team Death Match) mode where you need to kill enemies and defend yourself as well as your team members. And FFA (Free For All) mode in which you have to defend yourself by killing the enemies. You need to select any preferred mode and start playing this game. You will be provided different weapons (such as knife, grenade, rifle, sniper etc.) to kill your enemies.

Rush Team can be added to Google Chrome browser from Chrome’s Webstore, and you just need to add it to your Chrome browser by the available Add to Chrome button. After adding this game to your Chrome browser, open it from new tab and then you are ready to test yourself.

How To Play Rush Team:

  • For playing Rush Team, you need to install unity web player which is available for free in this game. Just after this, you need to go through a free sign up process by selecting a unique username, nickname, password, and email (optional). Now click on the Log in button and enter into the game zone.

Rush Team 002 online multiplayer shooting game

  • Here, different rooms are available for battle. Along with this, inventory is present there to select your character for the game and different weapons also.
  • Moreover, there is a options menu available where you can adjust the graphics, game volume, keyboard controls etc.
  • After selecting all the desired preferences, join any available room to start shooting the enemies by clicking on Join Button (as you can see in the below  screenshot).

Rush Team 003 online multiplayer shooting game

  • Kill your enemies by selecting weapon (rifle, grenade, sniper etc.) of your choice and test your skills or practice for it. You will find your selected name and maximum person to kill at the top of game play. In addition, you can access options anytime (full Screen mode, adjust controls, or to return to lobby to join another room)  in between the game play. You just need to press keyboard Esc key.
  • Secure yourself and hit your enemies. Try to find a shelter and then shoot your enemies. And if you are running out of ammo and health, then no need to worry as you can refill your ammo and health by available stocks in the game. So play without any fear and learn how to handle and deal with your enemies.

Rush Team 004 online multiplayer shooting game

Default Controls:

  • W, S, A, D to move forward, backward, left, and right.
  • Space for jump, and left Shift for Run.
  • R to reload your weapon, C to Crouch, Tab to see the score.
  • Left click to Shoot, Right click to Aim.
  • Numeric keys: 1 to 5 for melee attack, grenade, pistol, rifle etc.

You can adjust the controls according to your choice.

More in Rush Team:

Another good thing about Rush Team is that you can create your own room by clicking on the Create Room button. In your own battle room, you can select desired game mode, location, weapon mode, maximum players who can join the room, maximum person to kill etc.

Rush Team 005 online multiplayer shooting game

Rush Team is a good shooting game and you need to be smart, active, and sharp while playing this game. You can give a try to this online multiplayer shooting game. It is available as an app for Google Chrome browser absolutely free. Add Rush Team to your Chrome browser.

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