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PageFlip PDF to ePub is a free application that lets you convert PDF files into ePub files. The program lets you convert pdf files into a more widely acceptable and compatible electronic book format. ePub is an acronym for Electronic Publication which is a new electronic book format which replaced the older eBook standard.

Features of PDF to ePub converter

The program supports batch conversion of files. By simply adding files via drag and drop or via a folder, you can convert multiple files all at once. This is both convenient and time saving for the user. Command line conversion Mode. This lets you access the program via the command line without opening the actual interface and converting file from the same using a predetermined set of commands.

How to turn your documents from PDF to ePub Files

Installation is very simple and without any issues except that the installer makes sure you pay a visit to the programs homepage hoping to get you to download more freeware. The interface is very simple and easy to use. You don’t get the usual menu bars, icons and such. All you get are the three conversion modes supported by the program. The program supports batch conversion, hot directory conversion and command line conversion modes. Batch Conversion Mode allows you to convert one or multiple files in one go.

To convert in batch mode, select the default Batch conversion mode option and click Next. Add files either by dragging and dropping or use the add files icon and add folders icon. The later searches for PDF files in folders added while the former adds selected files only. Right clicking on a file in the list allows you to add  more files and folders, remove and clear the list and delete completed or failed conversions. Listed files can be removed by selecting the target file and hitting the remove icon or you can easily clear the full list via the remove all button. You can export or import a list of files by clicking the appropriate option in the dropdown beside the add files icon. Click Convert select a destination folder and wait for conversion to complete.

PageFlip PDF to ePub

Hot Directory Mode allows you to monitor a network directory. When PDF files are added to the monitoring directory, the program automatically converts them to .epub files and saves them in a predetermined output folder. To convert using this mode, click Hot Directory Mode on the main interface and click Next. The program prompts you to set an input folder to be monitored, an output folder for converted files and a log file folder to store program logs. Start monitoring by clicking the large start button. The output directory can be accessed during conversion by clicking the last blue icon. Monitoring and conversion can be stopped by clicking the red Stop button.

PageFlip PDF to ePub

Command Line Mode requires that you have an open terminal window. To convert files from the command line, navigate to the program’s installation folder and open “pdftoepubcmd.exe”. Proceed to enter program parameters as described and press Enter to start conversion. The program informs you when the conversion is done.

PageFlip PDF to ePub


  • Fast and easy conversion
  • ePub format is compatible with many devices
  • Drag and drop support


  • User support provided was not comprehensive
  • PDF to ePub Program becomes unresponsive when files spanning several hundred pages are added


Like other products from the same publisher, PageFlip PDF to ePub does a perfect job on small files but has a long way to go when it comes to handling large PDF files.

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Works With: Windows XP, Vista, 7
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