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iQ-Notes is a free sticky notes software to provide you freedom from sticky notes in your work place. Keep track of your notes without using post it notes. Moreover synchronize your notes on FTP server so that notes on one PC are also available in other PC and laptop.

This sticky notes software is free means that it available at no cost to download. We tend to miss important notes on our work desk or sometimes misplace notes, numbers and address that posted in the desk board which gets buried within so many already posted notes. But with iQ-Notes, you need not worry about the management of notes.


So if you want to save your time and energy in managing notes then this free post it notes software will be helpful to you. You need to install this application in your PC and it rests on your system tray and take care about your notes and ideas from then on. The freeware comes along with many useful and handy features that would help you manage your notes and ideas in better and easy way, without creating fuss around the work desk. Whenever you want to create quick note, just double-click on the icon in your system tray and enter your notes and you notes gets pasted.

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Features of this free sticky notes software:

  • Create any number of notes; this application will store all your notes.
  • You can use your notes for documentation. Archive them, or sort and print them for distribution or making them available in hard copy.
  • Your notes are important; hence this application gives you password protection for your notes or encrypts them.
  • Synchronize your notes with server to make them available on multiple systems.
  • Expense and Time Tracking functionality on each note with Start/Stop Timer and time-sheet tracking
  • The iQ-Notes program allows you to set alarms on your notes. Set an alarm on the note so it pops up at a certain date and time.
  • Very unique feature of iQ-Notes is you can attach links to your notes, which enable them open automatically. So if your result is going to be out than attach your web page URL with notes and it will be opened automatically on preferred time. You can also read about attach sticky notes to web pages.
  • iQ-Notes comes with advanced Clipboard Manager remembers everything you placed on your Windows clipboard and easily create a note from something you’ve previously placed on the clipboard.
  • You can also send notes through network connection to other iQ-Notes users.  However security is taken care in this matter. The application will encrypt your notes to secure it, so that no intruder will be able to track your notes in the way.
  • Automatic saving of notes with nine automatic backups behind the scenes

Interestingly, iQ-Notes don’t save your notes in text and ini files. Thus they are not readable to outsiders in any way. While you send your notes to other iQ-Notes users in the transit, the application uses 128-bit encryption to securely transfer your note from one iQ-Notes user to another as well as verifies that the agreed password matches between users. The application is available in several international languages and very easy o use. Other sticky notes software that you can also try are Stickies, Sticker, and WinNote.

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