5 Free Websites To Learn Egyptian Pyramid Facts

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Here is a list of 5 free website to learn Egyptian pyramid facts. You can read all about these popular Egyptian structures online, without paying anything.

It is a commonly known fact that all the places in the world have something iconic that defines them globally. Similarly, Pyramids, since time immemorial,  have defined Egypt. The first thought of Egypt is the big and beautiful Pyramids that were built ages ago. Even though we admire the beauty of these Pyramids, the facts and knowledge about them that is not very common.

So, I thought of compiling a list of websites that have some good resources to enhance our knowledge of pyramids.

You get to learn all the history behind these Pyramids and how they were made. The 5 websites reviewed in this article are Ancient Egypt, Timstouse, Discovering Egypt, World-Pyramids, and History.com.

Ancient Egypt:

learn Egyptian pyramid facts

Ancient Egypt is the first website in this list to learn Egyptian pyramid facts. You can read the entire story behind the building of the Pyramids and explore the facts behind them.

Basically, there are two separate columns: Story and Explore. The story unfolds page after page, with images that explain the entire construction, and how it all began. These are 3D images where you can virtually see the entire construction of the great pyramid step by step. It includes all the facts like how many men were used, how long it took, and more.

In the explore tab, you will see a 3D structure of the great pyramid complex. To read about this complex, just click on one particular portion and its information will appear.



Timstouse is the next website in this list to learn Egyptian pyramid facts online. This is one of the most comprehensive website to find information on pyramids. There are different tabs that explain different parts of the pyramid. The first tab details all the interesting facts related to their construction, like how old are they, how huge they are, the engineering skills that were employed to build them, and more. Then you move on to the inside of the pyramids. This tab explains the construction done in the inside part to uphold the structure. All this is done with the help of some nicely drawn images that look very real. There are other tabs as well,  like Ancient mystery; explaining the facts of the Great Pyramid, and more.

Discovering Egypt:

learn Egyptian pyramid facts

Discovering Egypt is another website that I have reviewed here to learn Egyptian pyramid facts. As the name suggests, the website is like an online guide to discover Egypt. Thus, Pyramids is a prominent topic on this website. You get to read the entire history behind the construction of these pyramids, and how it all started. You can read in detail about the pyramids of Giza, and the step pyramid at Saqqara. Along with the written information and images of these pyramids, videos are also available that explain things further.

Discovering Egypt is a nice platform to visit due to the information and facts it provides. All this information can be translated into different languages, and can also be printed by you for free. Try it out for yourself.



As it stands, there are other places as well in the world where pyramids exist, other than Egypt. This website, World-Pyramids, intends to cover and provide information of all such pyramids that exist around the world. The pyramids of Egypt, obviously, find a special mention among all of them. To read about  them, simply click on the Egypt pyramid option. Here you will find separate article on all the existing pyramids. These articles include in-depth details and facts of all the pyramids, along with their images. Not only can you read these articles, but are also allowed to share them on various social networking websites, and print them for yourself. Also, there is no need to create any account for all this.



History.com is the fifth and final website in this list to learn Egyptian pyramid facts. This is a very popular source of generating information about various events that took place in history. The same stands for Pyramids as well. The website has rich content to offer you and all of it is free. From the above link, you can reach the page that includes information on how the pyramids were built, why they were built, and more. Apart from the written facts, there are lots of videos as well to be seen. These videos also explain the history of pyramids and various facts related to them. The present condition of these pyramids is also explained briefly.

All these websites provide you with the relevant information and facts about Egyptian pyramids. I hope they will of great use for you. If you have more information on this topic, feel free to share it with us.

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