5 Free Websites To Learn History Online

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to learn history online. These websites contain data on various civilizations, ancient times, historical events etc. You can visit these websites and access all these articles and information for free.

As we all know, History can be divided into three parts: Ancient, Medieval, and Modern. Right from the evolution of mankind till the recent events taking place, everything can be categorized into these three sections. These websites provide you an insight into all these three different eras of time and you can learn a lot of things.

The websites to learn history online that I have reviewed in this article are Kids Past, History learning Site, Spartacus Educational, Awesome Stories, and Ancient Civilizations.

Kids Past:

Kids Past- learn history online-home page

Kids Past is the first website to learn history online, in this list. As you can judge from the name itself, the website is aimed towards kids to make them learn about ancient history. There are 20 different chapters on different civilizations, historical events etc. for you to read about. All these chapters contain sub-topics explaining different practices or events that took place in a particular civilization. You can choose your chapter from the home page of website and read its content. Along with the chapters, the website also contains some interesting historical games, quotes, and facts for you to read. The only thing, I feel can be improved, is that more content can be added to every topic in the chapters. The content, as of now, is very limited and it only provides a basic understanding. But, it surely is helpful for kids.

Try Kids Past here.

History Learning Site:

History Learning Site- learn history online-home page

The second website to learn history online is History Learning Site. This website is like an online library where you can simply pick up the topic of your choice and read about it. You do not have to register on the website; just start reading the content. On the homepage of website, you will see various topics relating to history, like: Ancient Rome, Medieval England, World Wars, and more. You can simply select the topic of your choice and read about it. The website provides rich content on every topic for you to read. Along with every topic, you will see links of few pages that will provide you more content on similar subject.

Try History Learning Site here.

Spartacus Educational:

Spartacus Educational- learn history online-home page

Moving on, Spartacus Educational is third in this list of websites to learn history online. The website contains lots of material related to various events that took place in history. It mainly focuses on Modern history but there is also a brief section on Medieval history in which you can read about medieval monarchs, literature etc. Apart from it, you can read about events like civil war, monarchy, slavery, religion, different wars & revolutions that took place, history of women’s rights and more. There is a separate index page from where you can choose the topic of your choice and read about it. On the home page of the website, you can see a list of most popular pages on the website and index of European history. Along with this, the website also lets you read about various historians and historical figures. There is a long list of historical poets, novelists, writers etc. whom you can read about in detail.

Try Spartacus Educational here.

Awesome Stories:

Awesome Stories- learn history online-home page

Fourth website to learn history online is Awesome Stories. To access this website, you have to go through a simple process to create a free account. After creating an account, you can search any topic you want to. The website contains material on various topics related to Modern history like world wars, civil wars, and more. There is a search bar in your account from where you can search any topic you want to read about. Along with the written material, the website also contains videos, images, quotes etc. All this combined together makes for very interesting content beneficial for learning. The website can perform other functions as well but they have been reserved for paid users.

Try Awesome Stories here.

Ancient Civilizations:

Ancient Civilization- learn history online-home page

The final website to learn history online is Ancient Civilizations. It is a very simple and straightforward website to learn history and you do not have to create any account. The website allows you to read about various civilizations, kingdoms, dynasties, empires etc. You can read about middle east, ancient Rome, China, America, India separately. The main page of the website shows an index from where you can choose you topic. The most important thing in this website is that it provides a very rich material. There are subtopics in every topic and all the aspects have been explained in detail. If you want to read into the history of various countries is detail, then this is the website for you.

Try Ancient Civilizations here.

In addition to the above mentioned websites to learn history only, you can also read our review on CourseBuffet and Academia.eu. Both these websites also provide you good material on History and other subjects.

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