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Measured is a free web app which will send a new song to your inbox every Monday. This will help you discover new music in a more eased out way, instead of you going through several music websites showing a zillion new songs. You would agree to the fact that there are so many new songs coming out each day, that you can’t even keep track of them. And to find a few songs among them which you like is quite difficult. Specially when it comes to discovering new music, or artists. This is where this website comes in; Measured will send you one new random song every Monday to listen to.

The songs which are sent are carefully curated by this website, so you can be sure that the song you get will be a good song. To start with this website all you need to do is provide your email address.

measured home

On providing your email address, you will receive a confirmation email to confirm your subscription. After doing that you will receive your very first song in your inbox. A screenshot of the song received by me is shown below.

measured song in the inbox

The song which I received in my inbox had four options from where it could be listened: Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, and iTunes. I chose YouTube so I could see the video of the song as well. I found the song to be quite nice. The video was quite hilarious as well, but the bottom line is that I enjoyed the song.

Now that you have received your first song immediately on sign up, from here onwards you will continue receiving one new song every Monday.

The songs that are sent to you are picked up from a diverse range of music which spans across several genres. A graphical representation of this can be seen on the website and on the screenshot below.

measured selection of songs

I liked the website and its concept a lot, a simple concept done right. The website makes it easy for you to discover new music every week with a new random song sent to your inbox. I enjoyed the song which was sent to me and can’t wait to receive the next song. Remember every Monday you get a new song delivered to your inbox. So go ahead and sign up to discover new music.

Check out Measured here.

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