4 Free Websites to Listen Music Based on Mood

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Here is a list of 4 free websites to listen music based on mood. The Internet is full of song streaming websites which let you listen to multiples songs based on genre, artists, albums, music, era, etc. but sometimes; all these criteria aren’t enough. Sometimes, you don’t have a particular genre, artist, or album in mind. Instead, you just have a feeling or a mood like you are happy, sad, excited, thrilled, adventurous, aggressive, etc. At that time, you might find it difficult to search all those songs matching your mood.

In that situation, you can listen to songs using any of the 4 mentioned websites where you have to enter your mood type and they will show you songs matching your entered mood type. So let’s get started with each of them one by one.

1. Stereomood:


Stereomood is the first website to listen songs based on the mood. The website curates all the songs from world’s top music blogs. The homepage of the website has a text field labeled as I Feel where you have to enter your mood. You can also choose from Featured, Hot This Week, Popular, or Casual Vibes. Stereomood has songs for all the common moods like happy, sad, love, angry, etc. as well as for some unconventional moods. When you are listening to any song, you can also tag the song for the mood which you think it relates to. There is also an option called Mood Flip which selects any mood randomly and starts playing songs related to it.

Steremood also suggests similar songs and moods depending on the song and mood chosen by you.

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2. Musicovery:


As the name suggests, Musicovery is the website which is all about music and discovery. On the homepage, the website has big box where you will find different colorful dots and a few mood names written within the box. Each dot in the box represents a song and the dots which are closer to a particular dot name means that those dots are related to that mood name. There is also a list of different moods at the bottom of the box.

Apart from moods, you can look for songs on the basis of song name, artists and genre. They can further be filtered by the era and music type.

3. 8tracks:


8tracks is the second last website in the list. Although, the whole concept of 8tracks is about user created playlists of songs which they like but you can also use it to listen songs based on your mood. All you need to do is type in your mood name in the search box. 8tracks will show you all the playlists which are tagged with the mood type entered by you. This way, you will have multiple playlists to browse and find the best songs matching your mood. You can also create your own playlists by registering for a free account with 8tracks.

4. Moodstream by Getty Images:

Moodstream by Getty Images

The last website to listen songs based on mood is Moodstream by Getty Images. The website has a preset wheel from which you can choose from: Refresh, Intensity, Simplify, Stablize, Inspire, and Excite. Besides this, you can also fine-tune your mood type by using the sliders. The sliders let you fine-tune between Happy-Sad, Calm-Lively, Humorous-Serious, Nostalgic-Contemporary, and Warm-Cool. There are also a few more settings which you can adjust and enjoy songs more precisely suiting your mood.

These are the 4 websites to listen music based on mood. Give them a try and feel free to share your views with me via comments section below.

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