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Internet radio and live music streaming have immensely expanded your reach in music to different corners of the world. There is a high chance that you are always able to find the right type of music you are looking for. Now, you must be thinking that I am going to bore you with another internet radio station or that live streaming site, which lets you search music by era, genre, or artists: same old, same old!

Let me stop you right there! Now, imagine if you can play music according to your mood? Yes! You heard it right. And the answer is Stereomood–the free music streaming service, where you can listen to a curated playlist that best suits your mood! It sources its music database from the best 150 music blogs, giving you a great opportunity to discover new music and share them with your friends.

Stereomood Search Music by Mood

How to listen to songs that suit your mood?

Stereomood works on a strong and creative tagging system on the Internet, thereby enabling you to find some or the other songs that best express your feeling! Simply type in your mood or how you are feeling in the search bar! Your work ends here!

Now, based on the mood you provided (keyword), Stereomood will compile a playlist comprising songs from popular artists and those that you have never heard of! Thus, Stereomood offers “an alternative, serendipitous method” of discovering fresh sounds from some of the best music blogs across the web.

For example, you are angry and feeling aggressive. A fire is burning up within you and you need to unleash some of the anger, don’t worry! Stereomood has got your back! All you need to do is type in ‘aggressive‘ or ‘anger‘, or any other keywords in the search bar that express your feeling! The corresponding playlist may include songs like ‘Wish‘ from Nine Inch Nails and ‘Breaking the Law’ by Judas Priest. Stereomood may also throw in some growling as well, like ‘Ace of Spades‘ from Motorhead.

Stereomood Audio Player

Stereomood has a gorgeous music player, where you can skip to the next song or shuffle the playlist. You can add songs to your favorite list, or add it to your library! You can also share new songs that you find interesting on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. In order to song-ify your moods, you do not need to create an account.

Below the audio player, you will see the lists of similar artists, similar moods, and users who are in that mood! You can follow or listen to playlists of another user, but for this, you need to sign up for a free account.

Stereomood Similar Artists, Moods, etc.

You can also explore the mood archive. You will find obvious entries like happy, sad and angry! While eccentric moods may include Asleep on My Feet and Dish Washing, etc, while under outrageous ones, you may find Foreplay and Horny!!

Stereomood Mood Archive


Stereomood is a genius project! Enabling you to listen to songs according to your mood is really very impressive! Besides giving you the satisfaction of sound of music, it also gives you an excellent opportunity to learn about unheard artists or songs, and share them with your friends!

Try Stereomood.

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