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Gnoosic is a interesting concept to discover new music to listen to based on your choices. What Gnoosic does is ask you some basic questions and based on your answers it searches for new music that you would like. Its a self-adapting system which learns more and more by user input. Gnoosic is all about music, and will suggest you name of artists that you might like based on your answers. It does not play any music for you, but it merely suggests the artists that you might like apart from the ones you already listen to.

Confused? Lets take this stepwise and see if we can understand it better. When you open the website you will see a screen like shown in the below screenshot.

gnoosic homepage

Reading the text of the home page will make things a lot clearer. Click on the continue button, this will take you to the next page with the first question displayed for you to answer. When you start putting text in the box, you will see a drop down menu appear with suggestions. If you find the name you are typing in the suggestions, you can go ahead and select it.

gnoosic music bands

Once you have entered the names of your 3 favorite music bands, go ahead and click continue. Now the next page will look like the screenshot below, where the app will suggest you what other music bands you might like based on your favorite music bands.

gnoosic suggestions

At the bottom of each suggestion you will see three buttons: I like it, I don’t like it and I don’t know. This helps Gnoosic further refine its search in suggestions. You can tell the website whether you like or don’t like the music bands suggested by it. It will show you a few suggestions. After you are through with the suggestions you get to a feedback page. Fill out the feedback page and click continue. Now the website will show you a summary of your selections as shown in the below screenshot.

gnoosic summary

The website is very intelligently built on the premise of discovering music similar to the one you like. The system keeps evolving through user input and the answers keep getting better. I particularly thought the suggestions offered by the app were good and most of the suggestions for music bands were the ones I knew to be good. The ones I didn’t know of, I went ahead and listened to their music and ended up liking them.

You can also check out a music editor to edit soundtracks.

All in all I liked the app to recommend it to you. Its pretty simple to use and in no time you will get some good suggestions on music bands you can listen to other than the ones you already know of.

Check out Gnoosic here.

Editor Ratings:
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[Total: 3 Average: 2]
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