Learn Mindfulness Meditation With Audio Sessions: Simple Habit

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Simple Habit is a free website to learn mindfulness meditation with audio sessions provided by 30+ international teachers. You can find mindfulness meditation sessions related to different real-life scenarios or explore meditation courses on reducing stress, finding happiness, etc. The audio sessions are kept short (5 minutes approx) so that anyone can take a little time out from their busy lives and start meditating. In a particular audio session, the instructor instructs you to perform some breathing exercises and teaches you how to meditate and overcome a negative moment.

Note: Some sessions are paid.

Learn mindfulness meditation online: Simple Habit

You can also check out these 4 free websites to listen to meditation podcasts. You can combine meditation sessions from Simple Habits with Yoga in the morning and stay healthy. We have covered some Yoga apps for iPhone, Android, and some free websites to learn Yoga.

You can also download its iPhone app and Android app and start meditating on the go.

How to use this free website to learn mindfulness meditation:

Getting started with Simple Habit is really easy, just visit its homepage by the link provided at the end of this article and login with your Facebook account. After logging in to Simple Habit, you can click on any meditation session to play. As I already mentioned, sessions are quite short so you can take a little time out of your busy life and listen to these sessions anywhere and anytime you want.

The best part of simple habit is that it organizes mindfulness sessions as per different scenarios of our day to day like travelling, at work, after work, and many others. So, as per your current sate of action you can choose a category and listen mindfulness sessions related to that.

Learn mindfulness meditation online: Simple Habit

The list of mindful sessions provided for different scenarios by Simple Habit:

  • Morning
  • Sleep
  • Commute
  • Walking
  • Taking A Break
  • Big Event
  • SOS
  • Tough Day
  • At Work
  • After Work

To listen a mindfulness session related to a scenario, click on “ON THE GO” button, which will pop-up a circular chart. Now, select a particular category and sub-category (if available) to listen to a session, as shown in the screenshot included below.

learn mindfulness meditation

After you have listened to a session, it will display the total number of sessions viewed by you, total number of minutes, and consecutive number of days for which you are meditating.

learn mindfulness meditation

It can really help you ease out your problems in speaking in front of a crowd or during your interview. You can quickly listen to a approx 5 minute mindfulness session and feel the difference. I am not saying you will become very peaceful or mindful in just a day or by listening just 2-3 sessions. It is simply designed to let you incorporate meditation activity in your daily life which will eventually become a simple habit. Which I think, is a good habit to have.


Simple Habit is a free website to learn mindfulness meditation with audio sessions provided by international teachers. The mindfulness sessions are quite short and you can easily take out a little time from your busy schedule to listen to these sessions and slowly develop a healthy habit of meditating. You should definitely check it out and I have already downloaded its Android app to start meditating.

Start meditating online from here.

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