Benchmark your Twitter account Against Competitors with this Free Tool

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Twitter Report Card by Agorapulse lets you benchmark your Twitter account against competitors. Here it lets you compare the analytics of your account with the other three accounts and creates a nice report card that you can analyze. Right now, it lets you compare your account with any 3 other accounts of your competitors. If you want more then you can simply invite your friends here and simply increase your slots. It chooses your position based on your performance in the queue and you can daily check the status of the analytics to see where you stand.

There are some fancy and paid tools out there to compare your social media account to your competitors but the mentioned here is free and straightforward. You just log in via Twitter and let it do the rest. It has a built-in Twitter search you can use to find your competitors and add that to queue. Also, on the other hand, Agorapulse is a social media management tool for your brands and businesses. You can give it a try if you are looking for a decent social media manager.

How to Benchmark your Twitter account Against Competitors?

Getting started with this witter Report Card generator is very ease. You can find this tool under the free tools Agorapulse offers. Or, you can use this link to reach the main page of the tool. There you will have to authorize your Twitter account and let it show you your stats.

twitter report card authorize account

Now, after you have authorizes the app to use your account, you can start with the benchmarking process. It shows you details from your account such as followers, engagement, quality, and activity. The metrics that it shows are based on the last 30 days of activity.

benchmark your account start

Now, you can start finding your competitors’ accounts and add that to the queue given on the left. In the free plan, you can add up to 3 competitors and then compare their metrics with yours. Just click on the Add Account and then search for the competitor and then add it to the queue. This is as simple as that.

Twitter report card in action

In the above screenshot, you can see how this simple Twitter analytics tool works. After you have added all your competitor’s accounts, you can see your position where you stand in the competition. Based on your stats, you can cook some new strategies to improve your position and check the queue again sometime later.

Final words

If you want to benchmark your Twitter account among your competitors then you can use this tool by Agorapulse. The tool is simple and straightforward. Just add your 3 competitors and then simply tracking your progress by comparing your metrics with theirs. Also, if you want you can increase your slots to upto 8 by inviting your friends through the referral link.

Editor Ratings:
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[Total: 3 Average: 2.3]
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