4 Webpage To PDF Addons For Firefox

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Here’s a list of 4 webpage to PDF addons for Firefox which you can use to create PDF documents from websites open inside Firefox. PDF documents have become very popular, so much so that they are now practically the de facto document format used by pretty much everyone, from businesses to private individuals. Converting a webpage into PDF might be a simpler way how to share articles, if the person to whom you’re sending the webpage can’t use the browser (at school or work), or just if you’re interested in keeping a PDF archive of web articles.

Let’s see what’s available.

Print pages to Pdf

webpage to PDF addons firefox 1

We’ll start off our list with a full featured webpage to PDF addon called Print page to Pdf, where you get everything for creating PDF documents and also a PDF archive manager for easier management of the created PDF files.

Addon adds an icon to the toolbar from where everything is controlled. PDF docs of webpages can be created for each tab individually, or for all the currently active tabs at once. PDFs created with the addon are added to the archive, which can be turned on as a sidebar (see image above). Addon is fully configurable, you can for example change the header and footer information showed on the created PDF documents and tweak lots of other options.

Get Print pages to Pdf. Update (29th May 2017): This add-on is not available anymore. You can try PDF Mage in place of it.

Save as PDF

webpage to PDF addons firefox 2

The second webpage to PDF addon on our list isn’t quite as advanced as the first, but it gets the job done.

Save as PDF has no archive manager for example, just the webpage to PDF converter is available. Conversion is also only possible for the currently open tab, all the others are gonna be ignored. Options are where the two addons are the same. In fact Save as PDF might even have more options, you can change page format, add password to the PDF, select which webpage elements are gonna be converted (Javascript, images, background, etc.).

Get Save as PDF.


webpage to PDF addons firefox 3

PDFMyURL is one of the simplest webpage to PDF converter addons out there. It doesn’t have any options, and to convert a certain webpage into a PDF you just need to right click on an URL and select PDF My URL option which becomes available after you install the addon.

Image above shows the converted webpage open in PDF Xchange PDF Viewer. Like with most of the webpage to PDF converter addons that we’ve tested, converted document is just an image of the selected webpage. An image snapshot converted into a PDF document.


Web2PDF Converter

webpage to PDF addons firefox 4

Web2PDF Converter again takes a bit of a different approach when it comes to webpage to PDF conversion.

Click on the addon icon takes the webpage that you currently have open inside a tab and creates a PDF document of it using the Web2PDF web based converter. Download link is generated and can be accessed from the website itself, see image above.

Get Web2PDF Converter.


All the addons from the list above worked great for us. Which one you’re gonna use depends on your needs. Go with PDFMyURL if you need a simplistic web to PDF converter, or use Print pages to PDF for something a bit more advanced. As always leave comments down below.

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