Turn Off Screen from Windows 10 Taskbar with These 4 Free Software

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Here are 4 free software to turn off screen from Windows 10 taskbar. You can add executable file of some of these software to taskbar to turn off monitor. For other software, covered on this list, you need to let the software run in the system tray and use tray icon to turn off monitor.

There are a lot of shutdown timer, PC sleep, and other tools available, but when you want to turn off PC/laptop screen only, then these software can be helpful. Though there are many other methods like some shortcut to turn off monitor, script, or use power button (when using laptop), turning off screen from taskbar in Windows 10 is a bit interesting and easier way. Therefore I have created this list. Do note that before trying any of these software, you should also take backup of pinned taskbar icons. If anything goes wrong, you can remove all pinned icons and then restore them anytime.

Let’s check these free software to turn off screen from Windows 10 taskbar.

Turn Off Monitor

Turn Off Monitor taskbar icon

Turn Off Monitor (Homepage) is one of my favorite software on this list. The software lets you turn off PC screen with a single mouse click. All you need to do is download its zip file and extract it. After that, you need to drag “Turn Off Monitor.exe” application and drop it on the taskbar. This will pin that software on the taskbar. That’s it! Now you can click that icon and it will turn off screen immediately.

If you don’t want to pin this software to taskbar, then you can also double-click Turn Off Monitor.exe file whenever you want to turn off the monitor quickly.

Display Power Off Utility

display power off utility taskbar icon

Display Power Off Utility (Homepage) is another fantastic option to turn off screen from Windows 10 taskbar. Just like “Turn Off Monitor” software, you can also pin this software to the taskbar. After that, you just need to press its taskbar icon and it will turn off monitor instantly.

Download its zip archive. After extraction, a “doff.exe” application will visible. Drag n drop that application to the taskbar and then the software will be ready for the purpose it is meant for. Apart from turning off monitor from the taskbar, you can also double-click the doff.exe file to turn off your PC/laptop screen.

Turn Off LCD

Turn Off LCD software icon

Turn Off LCD (Homepage) is the simplest software on this entire list. It doesn’t come in a zip archive. All it provides is an executable application, which is named as “Screen Off.exe“. You have to drag that file and then place it on the taskbar. That’s it! The software is pinned to your Windows 10 taskbar. Clicking on that icon will turn off the monitor without any delay.

If you want, you can simply double-click Screen Off.exe application. It will also turn off screen. But since turning off screen from Windows 10 taskbar is easier, so pinning it to the taskbar is better.

Screen Off

Screen Off taskbar icon

Screen Off (Homepage) is another handy software to turn off screen quickly. But like “Turn Off Monitor” and other software, it doesn’t let you turn off screen with a single click. Instead you need to execute its ScreenOff.exe file and then it will run in the system tray. When it is done, you can click the tray icon of this software and use “Turn Off” option.

The software requires two mouse clicks (after running in the system tray) to turn off screen. If this is fine for you, then this screen off software is definitely a good option.

The Conclusion:

These are the handy options to turn off screen from Windows 10 taskbar. All software do what they are built for. Therefore, each screen off software is good to use. For me, “Turn Off Monitor” is good. The only reason I prefer this software is it has a beautiful icon.

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