Free Android Flashlight App with Built-in Compass

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Super-Bright LED Flashlight HD is an Android app that allows you to flash the brightest possible flashlight from your Android phone whenever you require it. It also has a SOS function that allows you to flash SOS light if you are in any kind of danger.

This free Android flashlight app is really amazing as it helps you whenever you are in need of a light. There is also a built in compass in this Android flashlight app to help you find directions.

Android flashlight

Key Features of this Android Flashlight:

  • Very simple yet attractive interface.
  • Easy functioning and simple to use.
  • Free flashlight for All Android devices.
  • SOS function available to flash light when required.
  • The best and the brightest flashlight ever.
  • Has a built in compass, too.
  • Uses the camera flashlight of your Android devices.
  • Lights up the whole screen in Android devices that do not have a camera flashlight.

How to use this Android Flashlight:

Super-Bright LED Flashlight HD can be downloaded using the link given at the end of this review. A QR Code for the app is also provided there. You can scan the QR Code using a Barcode Scanner from your Android phone and download this Android flashlight app directly on the Android device.

Once the download and the installation is complete, the app icon will be displayed on the apps menu. To open the app just tap the icon of the app displayed on your Android phone. You will see all the functions of the app when you open it.

On the top you have the SOS function that you can use to call people for rescuing you if you are in danger. This function will flash SOS light (small flashes of light) to inform the people who understand SOS signals that you need help.

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In the center of the screen you will see a built in compass that can be used to find the directions if you are lost, or for any other purpose that requires you to find a particular direction.

Below the built in compass, you will see a round power button for the app. To start using the app just tap the round power button displayed on the screen of your Android phone in this amazing app.

You can use this light for various purposes. For example, when you want to study and there is no light available, you can use this app that allows you to flash the brightest possible light.

flashlight for Android

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Final Verdict:

Super-Bright LED Flashlight HD is a great free Android flashlight app that lets you work in the dark, send SOS signals to your friends or neighbors ( i.e. only if they understand SOS signals). The app also has a compass that you can use to find a way back home easily.

Get Super-Bright LED Flashlight HD here.

You can also use the QR Code given here to get the app.


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