5 Free Android Flashlight Apps

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Here are top 5 Free Android Flashlight Apps which can lit up your mobile screen brighter to show you way in darkness. Since, these apps are free of cost, you can try any one of them and turn your Android Phones to high quality torches whenever needed.

Tiny Flashlight App for Android

Tiny flashlight is the most popular free flashlight app for Android phones. This simple app uses the LED of your device camera as a torch. You can use this free application on a wide range of devices that has a camera LED. It is the brightest torch available on the Android market. Tiny Android Flashlight Application has various screen lights and includes a color light.

More than just a flashlight, the Tiny flashlight application will generate different types of lights. It uses the LED light of your application for emitting bright light and uses the screen lights to generate basic white screen light. Moreover with this application you can generate some other type of lights like warning lights, police lights, color light for the use on different situations.

Brightest Flashlight Free App for Android

Another free Android Flashlight Application is Brightest Flashlight Free. The main attraction of this app is that it turns on all the available lights on the device like camera LED, screen light, keyboard back-light, soft keys backlights and notification LED, etc. at its maximum to provide the extreme glow. Also this application produces an audio effect at the starting and stopping time of it. As it supports almost all the devices, you can use this on any of your Android phone.


Color Flashlight App for Android

Color flashlight is another main free flashlight app for Android phones. More than just a flashlight that helps you to find your way at dark, it can use it on a dance club for making different strobe lights. The Color flashlight application brings you different features like maximizing screen brightness for better visibility, changing flashlight color, different light effects like emergency lights, fun lights, etc. The main advantage of using this application is that you can easily change the colors of lights quickly. Also the Color Flashlights will bring you many cool custom effects. You can just touch the screen to show or hide the option buttons of the application.


LED Light App for Android

The LED Light is yet another one of the most popular Android Flashlight App that is used to glow the LED of the camera as the flashlight. It is very small application and simple to use. With the use of this application you can find your path in any dark rooms.

TeslaLED Flashlight

TeslaLED Flashlight is also a useful free flashlight app for Android phones. This app mainly uses the LED flashlight of device as the main light source. By using this application on your device you will get many advantages like different type of widgets, Strobe and Morse Code, Screen Light, Police Screen Light, Keep LED on with screen off etc. The use of this application is very simple and easy to handle.

All the above mentioned Android Flashlight apps are completely free and very useful for the use on your Android phone. By using these applications you can avoid carrying an extra torch with you while you move to a dark place. Also, this helps you to find the right way in a darkroom or similar situation. You can also check some Android Video Converters reviewed by us. However, if you are good at sketching, do not miss to check Drawing App for Android. Its cool!

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