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Free CompuSec is a free disk encryption software that can protect your PC, Netbooks and Tablet PC’s by encrypting file and hard disk. It can also provide access control and single sign on. It’s a complete feature rich security suite and it can be used for both personal and professional purpose. This free encryption software comes with transparent and flexible mode of operation that can ensure high level of security for your PC. You can customize its security functions in the way you want to secure your files.

This disk encryption freeware uses standard AES algorithm system to encrypt files. Using this standard system, it can even encrypt the operating system. It doesn’t support short 128 or 1292 bit keys. You can perform the encryption while nobody is using the computer or you can just minimize the encryption and work on your PC. This hard drive encryption software also supports hibernation which is not supported by other encryption products.

It can also encrypt removable media devices like USB thumb drives, Memory sticks. You can also encrypt an individual file with its DataCrypt feature. This free encryption software can also messages and you can send the encrypted message via FTP or email. You can also use CompuSec’s built-in sound system to encrypt voice communication between Compusec User’s.


This free drive encryption software is available for download at CompuSec’s official website. It’s free for both commercial and private use and it doesn’t come with any limitation. This software is installed as a product in your PC without a central management station. It creates a security file where all the secret keys are stored and it’s your responsibility to keep those keys safe.

Some other drive encryption software we reviewed earlier include: Comodo Disk Encryption, Dekart Private Disk Lite, and Virtual Disk Utility.

Features of Free CompuSec:

  • Full Hard Drive Encryption: Using the standard AES algorithm system, this free security suite can encrypt the entire hard disk. It can even encrypt the operating system and it comes with hibernation feature.
  • Encryption of Removable Media Device: This freeware can encrypt CD/DVD or removable media devices like USB thumb drives or memory sticks. It uses CDCrypt feature to encrypt CD/DVD.
  • Encryption of Individual Files and Voice Communication: This freeware comes with a module called DataCrypt that can encrypt individual files. You can also encrypt a message and send it via email or FTP. If you are looking for an encrypted voice communication service, you can use CompuSec’s ClosedTalk. You don’t need any IP telephone to do it.

The installer is about 40MB in size and it supports Windows 7, XP and Vista. You need to have 50 MB free hard disk space for installing this software. Download Free CompuSec.

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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
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