Free Online File Sharing and Team Collaboration Service: SeaFile

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SeaFile is a free online file sharing and collaboration service where teams can sign up and then easily collaborate by uploading and sharing files important for their work. Groups can be created and each one of the team members will have access to 5GB of free online disk space for uploading files important for the project that they are collaborating on.

SeaFile Collaboration Service default window

Registration is needed in order to use this free online collaboration service. A short explanation on what you need to do waits for you center screen. Libraries are mentioned and libraries are basically something like folders where each one of your projects can be saved and developed. Second thing that we mentioned, which is important, are groups, with the help of which teams for online collaboration are created.

Key Features of SeaFile Online Collaboration Service:

  • Free online collaboration powered with file sharing of documents.
  • 5GB of space is available for upload of all file types.
  • Create groups and libraries for each of the online projects.
  • Desktop clients for Linux, Windows, and Mac are available.
  • Share the files that you upload with other people.

Online collaboration via file sharing means that work is saved in files locally and uploaded online so that other team members can download it, review it, and then continue work themselves on their computer. Desktop clients make all this very easy, by creating folders on your computer where files can be dropped and automatically uploaded by the client. Before you can do that, SeaFile account needs to be set up.

How to Setup Online File Sharing and Team Collaboration with SeaFile?

The first thing that you need to do is click on the New Group button, which can be seen in the image above. Enter the name for the new work group and it should be added to the list of groups.

SeaFile groups creating

Clicking on the name of the group will open up additional window where you can start adding libraries for this group and of course the members or teammates with whom you want to collaborate on this project.

SeaFile group opened

Libraries which are created can be shared with the public or not and they can even be password protected. Enter the name and description of the library and it’s gonna be added to the list of libraries that this groups will use.

SeaFile uploaded files

Open up the group and then you can start uploading files directly from the web browser by clicking on the Upload button. Desktop clients for all the major operating system are also available with the help of which you can upload files like you do in Dropbox by copying files to a folder from where they are gonna be uploaded automatically.


SeaFile is a very useful and easy to understand online file sharing service which combines file sharing and online collaboration. Everything works very fast, files can be uploaded very quickly, and it doesn’t matter which file format is used by your team, because all the common file formats can be uploaded and shared. Desktop clients for Linux, Windows, and Mac are also available. Also, try Ace ProjectDropmark, and HoneyTask reviewed by us.

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Works With: Windows, Linux, Mac
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