Windows 8 Physics Game App Free: Tiny Ball vs. Evil Devil

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Tiny Ball vs. Evil Devil, is a free Windows 8 physics game app. The gameplay is pretty simple. All you have to do is shoot at red-colored face, called Evil Devil, in order to drop him on the ground. But it’s not that simple as it sounds; there’ll be multiple obstacles in form of boxes of different weight and some iron plates, blocking your way. The Evil Devil will be either on top of the boxes or hiding between boxes. However you can also use different balls with different abilities to destroy the boxes or hit them with much force, and if you ran out of the balls, you can purchase them for some price within the app. But even without the special power balls you can play the game and win the stages.

Tiny Ball vs. Evil Devil - gameplay

Gameplay of this Windows 8 physics game app:

This Windows 8 physics game app, sure is fun. The graphics are pretty cool, and the simulations work really well. The game is totally based on physics laws of speed, gravity, bounce, and not to forget your thinking ability, because each level is a puzzle, and you have to solve it out. At times you might find a level quite impossible to achieve, but every single level is achievable.

Tiny Ball vs. Evil Devil - main screen

All you have to do is use the right balls at right time. You can use a combination of balls, in place of using just one type of balls. But you have to be careful with using balls, because the special power balls are limited and they get used up  too quick. However the normal balls called Tiny balls, gets filled up in every level; according to the difficulty. These tiny balls are also pretty enough for getting Evil Devil to the floor, all you have to do is think and find a way.

Tiny Ball vs. Evil Devil - episodes

The whole game is divided into a total of 150 levels and are grouped in 6 Episodes. It’s compulsory to complete a level, so that you can move to next higher one. Good thing is that, the game teaches you how to play the game at the initial stages. Still here are the controls; simply click drag the cannon on the left to place it at the right height, and once you are done simply left click on the target, to fire the ball.

Sounds easy? But it’s not that easy. You have to avoid the iron bars and sometimes even use them to bounce the tiny balls, so that your enemy Evil Devil will fall on the floor. At the end of each level, you’ll be awarded with 3 stars based on the total balls you used and the time you took to complete the round. So, the faster you clear the round with using least balls, awards you with three stars and high score.

Tiny Ball vs. Evil Devil - level result

Key Features of this Windows 8 physics game app:

  • Freely available.
  • Good Windows 8 physics game app.
  • 150 levels to complete.
  • Solve the puzzle of each level and get three stars.
  • Good and fun gameplay.
  • Good simulation and game control sync.
  • Good background score music.

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Final note:

Tiny Ball vs. Evil Devil, is a good Windows 8 physics game app. The fact that it’s not that easy to complete the game, makes it more fun and challenging. It’s a simple Windows 8 physics game app, and doesn’t require rocket science to play the game, however it does require you to run your brain. Download this free Windows 8 physics game app from the Games Category in Windows Store or click here.

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Works With: Windows 8, Windows 8.1
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