Windows 8 Golf App: Super Golf Land

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Super Golf Land is a free Windows 8 Golf game app. Using this Windows 8 app, you can play golf in Windows 8 devices. This game app is a physics based game app, and basically follows the gravitational rule; that is a thing that goes up does comes down. This is one of the best free golf game for Windows 8 and is very popular among Windows 8 users. There are total of 72 holes in the game and the app promises that there will be more! There 3 different worlds and each consists of different courses. The objective of the game is to put the ball in the hole within the given number of Pars (number of strokes).

After the end of every game that is “hole”, your performance gets scored as per the pars, and the number of strokes you took to put the ball in the hole. This Windows 8 game app is simple yet fun; and is made for all alike. Get this Windows 8 game app from Games Category in Windows Store. You can use the Windows 8 Search Charm to locate the app in Windows Store, or click on the download link given at the end of this article.

Super Golf Land - main screen

Play golf in Windows 8 PC using this Windows 8 Golf app:

Super Golf, is a good Windows 8 game app. The game play of this game app, certainly is good. You’ll get easy enough difficulty at the initial stages/holes, but as the game advances the difficulty increases. Difficulty is nothing but the obstacles, that stand between you and the hole. So, as you reach higher stages you’ll get different terrains, trees, and lots of sands and water, that makes it difficult to put the ball in the hole; making the game challenging but lot of fun.

Super Golf Land - controls

Like I said above, the game is very easy to learn, but not too easy to master. Learning to play the game is a child’s play. Here are the game controls: left arrow key to turn the projecting arrow towards left, right arrow key to turn projecting arrow towards right, click on the swing button once, wait for the power meter to rise up as you desire, and then click on swing button once again. Also if you need to pan the location then click anywhere in the screen and drag up/down/left/right. That’s pretty much it! It’s that easy. You’ll start playing in the Eagles Highlands World, first. The other two worlds are: Birdie Desert and Bogey Island.

Super Golf Land - worlds

And like I mentioned above, each world consists of two or more separate courses, for example Eagles Highlands has Evergreen Links, Rocky Cliffs, and Hazard Lake.

Super Golf Land - courses

So the game starts in the Evergreen Links course of Eagles Highlands world. You have to complete a course in order to unlock and advance to next course, and complete a world to advance to another world. In each of the course you’ll get a given number of holes (rounds), for example the first two initial courses has 9 holes. Put the ball inside the hole in given number of pars. If you manage to do that then you’ll get points added to your score in current course, and if you took more strokes then negative points gets added to your score. Completing each course, gives you Cash as the reward. You can use this reward to buy powers that can help you in putting ball in hole quickly.

Super Golf Land - store

Besides these worlds, the app also consists of Mini Games for every holes. That is for every hole you’ll be given 3 objectives. They are: hit all 3 stars, put ball inside hole in given number of strokes, and in given time period. If you are able to achieve any of these 3 objective you’ll get an cash for that.

Super Golf Land - mini game gameplay

Key feature of this Windows 8 game app:

  • Freely available.
  • Good Windows 8 game app.
  • 72 holes to beat.
  • Mini games for each hole.
  • Shop for powers with the app.
  • Quite popular in Windows Store.
  • Good graphics and background sound.

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Final note:

Super Golf Land, sure is a good Windows 8 game app. The gameplay is great, and the app runs smoothly. The graphics, sound, controls, and difficulty; all are in good row! No doubt, these are the reasons that made the app popular among Windows 8 users. All in all, a good golf game app for Window 8.

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Grab Super Golf Land here.

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