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Loved is a free online adventure game; on Armor games website. Reach the end and find out your secret lover’s message for you.

Loved is a different game based on relationships. You will be asked random questions in a textual form and you will get replies for your answers. But that’s not all, you have to cross several hurdles and escape from dangers and reach your loved one. Let’s find out how.

About Loved, The Online Adventure Game:

Loved is an online adventure game. You have to travel along the whole location, by escaping hurdles and escaping dangers; to reach the end and find out about your secret admirer. The game can be finished in a few minutes. You have to answer random questions asked by your secret admirer (of course the replies will be disgusting). For example, it asks you: “Are you man, or woman?” and if you choose man, it will reply saying: “No, you are a girl”. And expect such replies and questions all the way throughout the game.

Alexander, the game creator, says that he wanted to create a confrontational game that makes the player think about their thoughts, in and out of the game. Actually, even I felt the same way while playing the game; because of the nature of questions asked. Sometimes you will be misguided also, so play the game based on your own decisions and look at how the game responds to your answers.

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Basically the game is set in an arty scenario (mostly black, including your character). And your character looks like a Cat. You have to direct the cat and reach the end point. There are pits with spikes or red blocks moving to kill you. Escape the moving red blocks and don’t fall into pits (even if the game asks you to, otherwise you can try listening to your secret admirer and see what happens). Escape spikes, move fast, and reach the end. Even if you fall into pits or the red blocks kill you, you can start from previous checkpoint that is a statue located at some points in the game.

Repeat the game two or three times and try different answers to see it’s responses. And you will also observe that, if you spend much time at one place then the place turns into pixels (as shown in below screenshot).

loved game

Controls of Loved Game:

The controls of this game are very simple:

  • Use your mouse left click to answer questions.
  • Use Up arrow key to jump.
  • Use downward arrow to crouch.
  • Use left and right arrows to move.

Loved is a simple text based online adventure game. The background music sounds very serious rather than romantic and the graphics are all pixelated. You can try similar game like this named Coma.

Click here to Play Loved Online.

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