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Erie is a free horror adventure game available for PC download. Find notes, dead cats, keys, and get out of the Nuclear plant before the ghostly monster gets you.

Erie is a first person horror game and your game starts in a Nuclear power plant. Surrounded by creepy sounds and crying cats, you have to investigate what happened to the missing locals. Eventually you will find a retarded ghostly kind of creature haunting you (there are many of them down there). Escape them by finding the master key which leads you to the lake named Erie. The download size of the game is around 425 MB.

horror adventure game erie

Storyline of Erie:

Erie is name of the lake and nothing special. My apologies for revealing the suspense behind the name but there’s lot more for you to explore in the Nuclear power plant. You have to find keys, notes, spray can, and dirty stuff like dead cats. You are there to investigate what happened with the nuclear generator that suffered a meltdown in the year 1966, Michigan. Find the master key to escape through the exit (the exit image is shown below) and don’t get eaten by the weird creature.

As soon as you saw the title horror adventure, you might have been thinking that there will be guns and grenades. Unfortunately you are provided with just a spray can to tag places and nothing else. Coming to the horror part, there’s lot of horror stuff in this game. Imagine yourself being locked in an underground sewage tunnel with lots of blood, dirty water, etc. lying around. You have to crawl through the tunnels, carry dead cats, and what not. Use the spray can to mark places and doors; mislead the ghostly creature by crouching into tunnels and get your work done. Special offer for those who are interested in playing this game: there is no option to save the game, so if you are dead you have to start from a common checkpoint. You can’t even see or change the controls; except that you will be guided in the beginning (or you can view the controls in the next paragraph).

erie exit

Controls of This Horror Adventure Game:

The controls of this horror adventure game are:

  • [WASD] to move.
  • Mouse to move around.
  • Left click to spray from the spray can.
  • [E] to examine or grab things.
  • [C] to crouch.
  • Space to jump.
  • Shift key to run.
  • Esc to pause.
  • [I] will display your inventory.

horror advneture game erie

Erie is a scary horror adventure game; which can jump scare you at times. The sound effects and graphics are good enough to create the creepy feel. You can also try a comprehensive review on Scary Games to play more horror games.

Click here to Download Erie.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 2 Average: 1.5]
Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Free/Paid: Free

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