Free File Sync Software To Sync Files, Folders, Documents In Real Time

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Molten Synchro is a free file sync software that is used to synchronize all files, folders, movies, documents, etc. present in PC in real-time. Real time means, it will sync data, both in source path as well as in destination path, automatically and instantly. Whenever you will add or remove a file from source location, it will automatically make changes in destination as well and vice-versa. Moreover, it also lets you sync data manually according to your need.

You can add multiple tasks that lets you sync directories and allows to save task as *.stlst form. Any task can be edited or added to Molten Synchro to sync data. It is a helpful sync software to synchronize data between folders, network folders, hard drives, and flash drives.

Molten Synchro- interface

It provides a clean interface where you can perform all working. Molten Synchro is handy for all users that needs to keep their home desktop and office PC updated with needy data. But one shortcoming about this free file sync software is that you cannot schedule synchronization. Syncing process will start manually or in real-time when you want to sync data.

Some Key Features of This Free File Sync Software are:

  • It is a handy software to sync data from source location to destination or bi-directional.
  • Sync process can be done manually or in real-time.
  • You can create multiple tasks and for each task you can add folder (including all files and sub-folders) that you want to synchronize.
  • Any task can be edited or can be saved to PC as a task list.
  • Password protection is available to lock interface of Molten Synchro. This is really useful as no one will be able to modify settings or tasks added by you. Access settings option, provide password, and save the changes.

Molten Synchro- set application password

  • Set up file of Molten Synchro is 1.39 MB only. It is free for everyone.

How To Use This Free File Sync Software To Synchronize Files and Folders Between Hard Drives, Network Folders?

You first need to create a task to start the synchronization. For this, open interface of Melton Synchro and use New Task button. A new window will open up where you will find multiple options that helps to create task. These are:

General: Use this option to provide the name of task, source location, and destination location for syncing data. You can also include sub-folders in syncing process.

Molten Synchro- provide source and destionation location for syncing

  • Inclusion Filters and Exclusion Filters: These are the filters that allows you to include or exclude a file/folder for syncing process. You can add folders from PC to inclusion or exclusion list, but for files, there is no as such option present. You need to enter name of file that you either want to include or have to exclude.

Molten Synchro- inclusion and exclusion filter

  • RealTime Synchro and Synchro mode: Using both these options, you can enable automatic syncing based on real-time and can enable bi-directional sync process.

That’s all you need to do and your task will be created. In the similar way, you can create multiple tasks. Whenever you want to start the synchronization process, use available buttons. You can either start with manual or real-time synchronization.

Molten Synchro- start synchronization

Note: Real time synchronization will sync only those files and folders that you will add or remove after starting the synchronization process. While the manual sync helps to sync all the data present in source and destination directory.

Similar free file sync software: Bamboo File Sync, Metro Backup, and Backup Folder Sync (supports backup scheduling) .


Molten Synchro works good and is helpful to quickly synchronize files and folders. It is featured with application password and real-time synchronization which makes it more meaningful. One improvement that can be done with this free file sync software is to provide option for scheduling backups. Overall, users can try it to keep their required directories updated.

Get Molten Synchro free.

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