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Collanos Workplace is a free software to coordinate collaboration between two or more team members on a project. Workplace provides a secure, cross-platform, server-less solution to facilitate seamless communications between different members of the project . Collanos provides an integrated area to check emails, post notes, communicate with team members, and more. Everything is organized in terms of spaces, and you can add as many spaces as you like,

When a project involves a group of people working together, synchronizing and sharing files become important. A typical team project involves a lot of communication between team members which include transfer of files, status updates about the project, messages, documents, comments etc., Such transactions involve a lot of information clutter and chaos. This can be avoided and such transactions can be done in a more secure and organized manner by using Collanos Workplace. Also check out online whiteboard, and real time document collaboration.

Collanos Workplace
Workplace software becomes very useful for those writers who collaborate in writing about a topic, software developers who develop individual modules of a project and other such team based workers. Once a group has been created, tasks can be assigned to various group members. Accessing files, creating folders and sub-folders to upload and store the project related files can be done effortlessly.

Software versions for various Operating Systems like Linux, Windows and Mac are available and they can be downloaded for free from the website, One need not be a techie to use the software.Online help resources and guidelines are available for the user to browse through.

The technology depends on Peer-to-Peer networking and hence the workspaces are available both online and offline without necessitating the use of a server. Changes and updates can be made offline and these will be updated in the common group workspace when ever the person goes online. This eliminates a need for an active internet connection to be available all the time. Also one need not worry about the connection bandwidth for such communication.

For team collaboration, you might also be interested in free online meeting scheduler, and free web conferencing software.

Workplace software includes the following features:

  • Transfer of documents between project members in a group.
  • Online discussions, Managing and scheduling of tasks among the project members can be done.
  • Integrating all project communications on a single space
  • Enabling secure small-scale communication between the members.
  • Facilities for instant messaging and file sharing are readily available.
  • Sample workspaces are provided for the user to get familiar with the software.
  • Simple setup and a clear user interface makes the software easy to use even for a naive user.

Collanos Workplace is a very intuitive and useful software to collaborate and communicate with team members. It is completely free.

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Works With: Windows, Mac, Linux
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